Friday, March 4, 2016

Out of Order

Our life right now is like this: school, work, PTA, baseball. Repeat.

Sometimes we get that out of order, but that's mostly it.

Since my last post there have been some changes.

Baseball - schedule has not yet been set. Uniform colors have been chosen unofficially but not confirmed officially. The Blue Jays will (likely) wear blue jerseys and blue hats with white pants, a royal blue belt and royal blue socks. Ben has ordered a new-to-him glove, as the old one has still not shown up and it was coming apart anyway.

PTA - the Bake Sale went really, really well. We put out a jar for "fat-free" donations and our grand total was $1217.86 - a new record! Now on to the next million things to do.

The banner that lives in the trunk of my car but is ripped and sticks to nothing. It fell seconds after this photo.

I totally spilled their mom's coffee. And then they stepped in it.
We had customers. And AJ has Star Wars socks in her hair. See below.

Official "making children work before they've had breakfast" photo

Work - For me, work has been busy. Ben has been doing a training course from home this week, saving him the early morning commute. He's not looking forward to getting back to the 5 AM wake-up time on Monday. 

School - School's going great for AJ, but it is kind of driving me nuts. First of all, the Math Derby has been postponed yet again, for another week. AJ hasn't really been practicing, so I guess that's OK but now I need to re-do my time off request. 

This week has been "Read Across America Week," which is an annual event to coincide with Dr. Seuss's birthday. Volunteers from the community came to read to the children on Wednesday, as they did in many other schools. AJ's school was visited by the Mayor of Birmingham, William Bell. 

This year, it also brought a week's worth of special out-of-uniform days. 

We got the flier and the call on Monday night. Tuesday, we had to be at school early for the Bake Sale, so AJ didn't get photographed properly. She did wear a bunch of different socks simultaneously. And then, she decided to put socks in her hair as well. So here's the best

Wednesday was Wacky. AJ put on her tie-dyed shirt, inside out and backwards, over her striped tights and striped shorts, completing the look with her polka dot boots. Fortunately, it was Wacky Wednesday at lots of schools, so I didn't feel that bad when my mom picked up AJ as a surprise to take her birthday shopping. (Although AJ did feel bad when she first saw Nana at school, unannounced - she thought something must be wrong!) Nana and Granddaddy took AJ to Target to pick out some toys and clothes, and this wouldn't have been very remarkable except that it was my dad's first visit to Target ever. How many times did my dad take me shopping for clothes when I was a little girl? Zero. Wacky Wednesday indeed. A very exhausted AJ did not want me to photograph her so I got her from the back. You get the idea.

Thursday was more "fun" with Character Day. AJ decided to be Sally from The Cat in the Hat. The Sally on TV (The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That) is dressed slightly differently than the one in the book. But AJ made the best of it and wore a pink sleeveless dress with a white shirt underneath, white tights, black flats, and a red bow in her hair. She said people knew she was Sally. Works for me.

Friday was pajama day in honor of The Sleep Book. This is the third pajama day of the school year if I am counting correctly. This was also a fundraiser for the yearbook sales offset I've mentioned before, but this part was not well-publicized. I hope they made some money.

Monday, which is AJ's birthday, they'll wear hats. She is considering making something elaborate out of newspaper.

Monday through Friday of next week is Career Week. You would not think this involves dressing up, but it does. 

They've even gotten the careers all picked out for the kids.

Monday - entertainer; Tuesday - sports; Wednesday - lawyer; Thursday - medical; Friday - politician.

So now she has to be an entertainer wearing a hat on her birthday when I should bring something to share with the class and now I feel like my weekend is ruined and I have a headache. But the thrift store is having half price day tomorrow, with a special appearance by the Easter Bunny. I haven't even thought about Easter yet.

I realize that all of this is OPTIONAL and I shouldn't stress myself out. There have been, on occasion, times when AJ just doesn't want to participate. And that's OK. But something tells me if she can be out of uniform, she will be.

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