Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some Updates

The Math Derby has been rescheduled to March 9, for no reason discernible to me. In the meantime, Drew has taught AJ how to play Blackjack, so she can now add and subtract numbers 1-21 very quickly. Also, when she asked for more vegetables at dinner, she said, "Hit me."

This is the kind of stuff I do at work. Yes, I have plenty of work to do.

Dear Xerox Demo,

I know we were only together for a short time, but I can’t stop thinking about you.

My love for the Konica has faded so. He doesn’t even authenticate me anymore. But you, you recognized me with the first swipe. It’s very validating that you see me for who I am.

I miss your cute staples. I miss your speedy output. I miss your secure print jobs.

I thought we made such a good team.

I want you back for good.



PTA stuff is keeping me very, very busy. Ben said, "PTA is taking over your life," and then two days later, AJ said, "PTA is taking over your life." We sold $7,000 worth of candy (we get to keep $3,500) so there have been lots of candy selling, meetings, bank trips, candy sorting, and candy distributing. And then, coming very soon - Tuesday, March 1 are the primary elections and Avondale School is a polling place. 

Did I ever tell you about our Erstwhile Election Day Bake Sale in November? Usually, the second Tuesday in November is an election day, and we planned over the summer for our bake sale. But it turned out that, for the first time in decades, there was no election. We decided to still have the sale, but move it to another, more visible location. My friend, local artist and fellow PTA mom, Bethanne Hill, made us these signs. They are currently in my office as the only of her original pieces that I currently own, but I hope to rectify that this year.

So we will be baking this weekend. We hope to do blueberry muffins and bread, but we are not sure what our social calendar will allow (sorority alumnae meeting plus birthday party). 

We recently learned that our school can't make copies for our PTA so we got a copier donated by a local business that was moving. We have to provide the toner and paper, but this will save us from late night runs to Office Depot. 

There's lots more but these are the things that occupy a lot of real estate in my brain. Fortunately, AJ gets along really well with the kids of the other board members. And she's good at selling cookies and sorting out candy bars. Real life skills, people.

The last 5 pictures in my phone that I haven't shared yet:

1. Picture day is Wednesday. Another Avondale mom on Facebook asked, "When is picture day?" so I took a picture of the note. It was quicker than retyping it. I wish the teachers all sent home notes on the same days. Also, I wish it were by email so both parents would see it and not just the backpack-checking parent.

2.  Radar looked so adorable like this I zoomed in to get this shot. He looks guilty. I can't imagine why.

3. Easter is more than a month away, but I got a small pack of these at CVS to tide me over.
4. Do you want to build a snowman? AJ's writing exercise from a while back at school. I had it hanging in my office.

5.  Have you ever wondered what to wear on Presidents' Day? I don't anymore. Thanks to Granny for these socks!


Annie Gallitz said...

HEY !I don't even know how to play Blackjack!!!!!!! I remember last time you posted about Drew and your Dad helping w/ math training---it was BRILLIANT !!!! As is this !!! ( Drew should be a teacher !) So, is the bake on March 1st , then. ??? I hope that you get your Xerox thingy back. ( I'm sorry--- i have NO idea what that is. But, you certainly sound desperate !) I won't expect any posts for a bit .... until you get your life back!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I guess I should proofread better next time. It all made sense to me!

Yes, the bake sale is on March 1. I hear some local businesses are donating baked goods, so our sale should be better than most.

At work we have an old Konica copier that is barely functioning. A local company brought us out a Xerox machine that is so much more advanced and what we need. But it was just a demo. (Ben asked me if I chained myself to it when they took it.) There may be another demo coming. But after using the "good" machine it was hard to go back to the "bad" one.

Blackjack is also known as "21" and the object is to get cards dealt to you that total 21. If you go over, you "bust" (lose). You are dealt 2 cards and get the dealer to "hit" you if you need more to get up to 21. It was very useful method. I am sure she'll be ready to go to the casino when she is old enough.

Drew and Dad are good at coaching AJ, but they are probably better at doing what they do instead of teaching. AJ is naturally very, very good at math. She thinks faster than I do at arithmetic. (It has never been my thing.) I have seen it in action. She is amazing at it.

PTA stuff is all good stuff. I don't expect my "life back" until after next year when my term is up, and then I am sure I will still be involved. We've basically been (re)-building from the ground up since 2012, and we have a lot going on. The big picture is good but the day-to-day (running to pick up money, for example) is tiring. "It's for the children," I keep reminding myself.