Saturday, February 13, 2016


This time of year at school has been extremely busy. Besides the usual regular old reading and writing and arithmetic, AJ's school has been having some other fun activities.

Due to the dedication of some teachers and parents (not me, for a change) the school is having a yearbook printed this year. Although it has certainly been done before at Avondale, it has not been done recently. This year we are expecting a paperback but full color edition of all the wonderful things the kids have been up to. The school decided to make the cost $15/copy and raise the rest of the money (the actual cost is more than $17/copy). So they've put together a string of fundraisers.

The first, last week, was Pajama Day. For the low, low price of one dollar, each kid (and teacher) could be out of uniform and wear his/her favorite pajamas. AJ loves to wear pajamas to school. For some reason, on Friday nights, she likes to wear her pink Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas, so she wore those to school. Ben was at home doing an online training that day, so he took us to breakfast at Chick-fil-A before school. AJ was wary of going out in her PJs at first, but then decided it would be OK. We had a nice time at breakfast together, which is usually reserved only for weekends now.

This week, the fundraiser was a Sock Hop. The kids were supposed to bring $3/each to attend. For 45 minutes in the school gym, a teacher acted as a DJ and played all the kids' favorite songs, like the Whip/Nae Nae, Hit the Quan, Hello, and U Can't Touch This (an oldie for them). They danced and had fun, which was a nice break on a cold day.

Another school yearbook fundraiser was Candy Grams. Kids could send other kids a Blow Pop for 75 cents. AJ and I had talked about sending them to all the kids in her class. It was important to her, she told me, what the tags on the suckers actually said. I guess second grade is when you start to worry about whether a valentine is too mushy or not. But even though the teacher in charge told me the tags said only "to" and "from," AJ decided she had rather not do it. Instead she opted to send candy with her Valentines.

Valentine's Day was celebrated on Friday at school.  Last year, we sent cat and dog cards, and we had some left over. The box has been sitting on a shelf in our kitchen for a whole year. When we visited Dollar Tree last weekend, AJ got some Scooby Doo valentines, but they had heart-shaped suckers attached. So we had to tape some candy to the cat and dog valentines to be equitable. This was fine - she has an enormous stash. But because the box was sitting on the shelf and I let this be her project, it never crossed my mind that with the Scooby Doo valentines and the cat and dog ones that we would not have 18 total. I should have checked, because we did not. Instead, my old friend Pinterest supplied me with a link to free printable Star Wars valentines. We had some cards stock and, voila! Enough cards. Good enough, as long as you don't think about copyright infringement and whatnot.

Next week is hat day for a dollar. Who knows what she'll do then.

(She put her hair in braids herself, as she heard head lice was going around again. Braids are said to confuse lice, but it is also just a good idea as it keeps hair closer to the head and less likely to mingle with other kids' hair. Also, this was before the haircut but it is still almost this long.)

On top of that, the PTA is having its candy bar fundraiser. We have done very well. Next week, when the kids dismiss early for teacher professional development, the PTA moms and dads will be sorting all 6,000 candy bars for delivery the next day. There's a cash prize for the top seller, which I happen to know is not AJ. This is good, as I would likely make her donate it back to PTA - I work too hard raising that money to give it to my kid, who has everything! :)


Annie Gallitz said...

LOVE her braids!!, and , well done too!! Laughed so hard at the " \braids confuse lice"...............( I've heard the opposite... that lice view braids as a convenient ladder to the scalp !! HA, ) That is a very pricey yearbook , for a grade school. I hOPE that every one will be able to afford one. Maybe you need to hold one more fundraiser for a fund for yearbooks for poorer kids!Maybe, crazy moustache day !( Oh wait; AJ has already done that ))Did YOU go to the sock hop ?? Did AJ dance , did she say? With ... boys , perchance???

Laura Gallitz said...

I really did read that lice are less likely to attack kids with braids, but now I can't find the source. (But if I read it online, it must be true, right?) All of the lice prevention things are only anecdotal anyway - there's no true prevention method. Just keep away from them! The older she gets, the better chance she has of not getting it, though.

I am sure the yearbooks will be a good quality. I am also betting that since we could not guarantee a quantity that the price was higher. Yearbooks haven't been done at this school in recent memory. I am very grateful to the parent volunteers for helping so far with that project, and grateful that I was not one of them.

As for raising funds for those that cannot afford the yearbooks, that gets in to some tricky territory. We do not have a good way of asking. Our counselor ensures that children have winter coats and school uniforms, for example (a need) but I don't know if we could ask for yearbooks (not a true need). I am just hoping that the yearbooks are covered by these "fun"-raisers and PTA does not need to contribute.

I don't know if a crazy mustache day would work unless we provided the mustaches...again that's kind of tricky territory - but not a bad idea.

The sock hop was during the school day for 45 minutes, so I did not attend (I was not aware if they needed chaperons). AJ said she danced to most of the songs, although some she "did not know how to dance to." I did not hear that she danced with any boys.