Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guinea Pig Poem

At Christmas time, Anna June kept asking Ben what he wanted for Christmas. He couldn't come up with anything, so he thought of something creative and random. He asked her to write him a poem about a Guinea Pig.

Exasperated and looking for inspiration, AJ went for help. She asked my cousin Morgan and Aunt Heidi to help her come up with something creative. Morgan texted me their draft, which AJ then presented to Ben on Christmas morning.

I was just texting Morgan about something else and found the poem, and decided it must be shared immediately.

Guinea Pig Poem
By AJ (and relatives)

I want to buy a Guinea Pig
Its butt is really big
It will have a lot of hair
Brush it if you dare
We'll buy it at the store
So it'll never be a bore
It has little ears
And will bring lots of Christmas cheers.

PS - AJ does not actually want a Guinea Pig


Annie Gallitz said...

A guinea pig poem. We have had pets galore/ birds and fish and dogs and more// but, WHAT are guinea pigs good for ?? //They really do not do a thing / the sit and stare , like an imbecile king./They cannot be trained to do a trick // they are simply dumb as a brick// They're not a pal, like a dog can be;/ they eat and chew and eat and pee.//Monroe and Geronimo: the stinky duo/ if you hold 'em, they'll pee on you-oh!//AND, the stink in their cage after just one week/ is really enough to make you seek / a way to lose them while outside/ or take them on a one- way ride//And, who, you may very well ask ,// has this thankless stinky task / of cleaning up their horrid cage?? // ( no wonder i have guinea pig rage) // ME ! That's who! The MOM ! That's right!!? // 'cause I do stinky, and I do BLIGHT !// All those squeaky stinky things do// is grunt and whistle like R2D2//They don't know if they're alone// they don't know if they have a home// they do not like it when you hold 'em// you cannot pet or kiss or groom them .//Yes, these horrid shapeless lumps of fur// I REPEAT : WHAT ARE GUINEA PIGS GOOD FER ???? The end.

Laura Gallitz said...

This is fantastic! I am printing for AJ to put in her binder of Granny's Art Work.

Annie Gallitz said...

Wow---you have a binder of Granny's art work ?? ( ) I am speechless. Is there any thing in it ??? I am actually quite embarrassed by this poem:I almost deleted it before any one could read it. I did it so fast and the result is so sophomoric...........ah, well. ( I could clean it up, and add the Donald Trump reference, which does make it more interesting to read..........)AH, WELL!

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, we have a binder with some of your drawings.

No need to add the Trump reference - I hope that everyone forgets about him very soon - although he does sort of look like a guinea pig.

Annie Gallitz said...