Monday, February 22, 2016


This weekend was a blur, not unlike many other weekends.

While AJ played in her room and Ben rested, I went to run errands: delivering candy bars from the PTA fundraiser, returning books to the library, dropping a coat at the cleaners, going to the grocery store.

AJ chose our lunch spot: Taco Bell. This proves how much I love my daughter. Note: The Quesalupa is pretty good for Taco Bell but not as good as their cantina bowls.

Then more stuff to do: laundry, etc.

To ward off the gloomy day, we read the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Then watched an episode of Cupcake Wars on Netflix. While neither of us likes frosting on our cupcakes (i.e., we like muffins) but it is interesting to see what people will do with certain ingredients and it's fun to guess who will win.
AJ was still a little bored, so I asked if she'd like to do an activity we had seen on Pinterest: Bathtub paint.

She noted that last time she did this, it was a different recipe.  It was 4 years ago - I barely remember.

The recipe we used this time was just shaving cream and food coloring. The link is here.

AJ did this all her self.

First, she made the paint.

 Then, she discovered that the muffin tin floated.

Then, she painted. And then, the muffin tin turned over in the water, leaving all her "paint" mixed together an ugly green color. But she painted anyway. ALL over the shower. This is part of the work in progress.

We had leftovers for dinner.

Ben worked on the dishwasher, as our dishes were not getting clean. Earlier in the week, he cleaned out a very disgusting trap at the bottom of our dishwasher. This weekend, he took the whole unit apart and checked to make sure the jets were firing. The second round of washing came out much better, but we are still wary and may end up with a new one.

This was the second home improvement project of the day. The first was to re-anchor the hooks in the kitchen. Now my purse and other bags can be hung and not just thrown in the floor. I am very happy and relieved! Our junk was blocking Radar's toy box, and though he didn't complain, that was unfair.

Sunday found us with more laundry and errands. I'm not sure I showered. We had Burger King for lunch (did you know they're going to have hot dogs there soon? Interesting). AJ had baseball evaluations and did alright for not having picked up a glove all winter. I think the coaches are aware of her focus and enthusiasm so I am sure a good match will be made. Also, I saw no other girls in the 7-8 league, but she is OK with this. Several of her friends will be playing, and I enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces at the ball park.

We delivered more fundraiser candy bars and stopped by to see Nana and Granddaddy for a few minutes. Then we went to the grocery store (again) because I had forgotten eggs and Diet Dr. Pepper. One of these items is essential to life in our house. If we have Diet Dr. Pepper and dog food, we can get through anything. And in a pinch, Radar can eat table scraps.

We baked banana nut bread, which, AJ opined was not as good as last time.

Then, I baked some chicken and had potatoes au gratin (from a box) and a broccoli medley (from the freezer section) for dinner. More effort than usually goes into Sunday night dinner! (Rusty was out of town.)

Sunday night scrub down (including my wiping down the rest of the "paint" from the tub), more reading, and then it was bedtime for all of us. I wish I could say bedtime was going well, but it is not. I hope to have a cheerier update on that subject soon.


Annie Gallitz said...

Ei yi yi yi yi !!!!!!!!! HOw did she even reach that high up to do her " painting ???" NO wonder, when I called that night , that Shenandoah had her doing the clean up !! ( which,I am sure was not NEARLY the fun of doing the painting!!) Does the food at Rusty's taste different when he's not there???? SUCH busy weekends !!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

She has a pretty big wingspan, but she stood up to "paint." She did clean it up, mostly, but I spot checked it the next day...and there were a lot of spots! It wasn't permanent, though, and she had such a good time I couldn't really begrudge her the mess.

Rusty's doesn't taste different when he is not there, but since neither he nor Mom were going to be there, we decided to keep it low key and stay home. Part of why we go is for their company.