Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Be My Valentine

This year, Valentine's Day was on a Sunday, so we ended up celebrating the whole weekend.

On Friday, I came home to two dozen roses.

I brought home a half a dozen cookies for my two Valentines. I got Oatmeal Raisin from Insomnia Cookies, and I didn't even eat any when they were on my desk still warm from the shop.

Here's a closer up picture.

For balance, I made Roasted Tomato, Asparagus and Black Bean tacos. Pretty good, especially with some cheese thrown on there.

AJ had her party at school, but she only brought home a smidgen of candy, opting to give it to her friends instead. She didn't even bother to take the sweet little cards off the candy, so her friends' parents may wonder why they have cards addressed to AJ!

We spent the rest of the evening cleaning the house, which was an excellent Valentine's gift to each other.

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast at our house for us, my parents and Drew.  Good thing we cleaned up enough to seat them at our table! We even had room for more flowers (yellow roses are Mom's favorite).

As if we didn't have enough sugar, some friends gave AJ these shortbread cookies.

Then, after a PTA errand (that candy bar money wasn't going to deposit itself!) we had lunch at Zaxby's. After that and some laundry, AJ headed out to our appointed fun day: Manicures and pedicures at Vestavia Nails. We were so excited! I got a color called "Gimme a Lido Kiss" (seen in this review article). AJ got a similar Valentines-appropriate red color on her fingers and a gold color on her toes. (PS - No photos of her feet, in case it freaks anyone out.) She waited patiently as they finished my full-service manicure (her nails were just cut, filed, and polished) but I got heated, exfoliated, etc. Even though it is now 3 days later, my nails are still looking pretty good.
(Is it just me, or is there a correlation between making a nail appointment and then having every single nail break?)

On Saturday night, AJ went to Nana and Granddaddy's house so we could have a special date night. They had dinner and baked sugar heart-shaped cookies with red sprinkles. We went to dinner at Silvertron Café. While we didn't venture far from our neighborhood, my requirement for dinner was "a place where they have waiters." I'm so demanding. We tried to watch TV when we got home but I fell asleep. Here's a picture we took of ourselves at home before I crashed.

The light was bad and we were tired. Come to think of it, that could be the caption of any of a number of photos of us over the past 16 years.

On Sunday, we celebrated the big day. I gave Ben a CD that he didn't like, but thought was kind of interesting. And AJ and I got him some powdered-sugar donuts for breakfast(s).

I got both of them cards, featuring adorable dogs.

 For Ben

For AJ

Coincidentally, my friend Elizabeth also sent us a dog valentine.

AJ got me an adorable and useful meal-planning notepad. It is now affixed to the refrigerator and reminds me of my good intentions. Last night, enchiladas. Tonight, fish. Tomorrow night, YOYO (you're on you're own) because I have a meeting.

But the big story of Valentine's Day was the necklace. Ben got me this beautiful emerald and diamond necklace from Jared. It may be cliché to you, but to me it was more than perfect.

 He went to Jared.

Lest you think this gift-giving extravaganza was terribly one-sided (which it was), I got Ben a BlackBerry.

Really and truly, mobile technology is his hobby, and I was terribly afraid that, even though I knew which one he wanted, that I would not get a good deal and he would be upset. So he just got it for himself. It's on the way. We're also getting new pillows, but we have to pick them out together.

We spent the rest of Sunday doing our usual Sunday stuff (AJ playing in her room while Ben napped and I went grocery shopping and ironed school uniforms, making phone calls to relatives, etc.).

AJ made this seasonal bookmark:

We topped off the weekend with a visit to Rusty's for dinner:

We did not get the special - that's a lot of meat!

Yes, our Valentine's Days are usually sweet but this one seemed even sweeter. Last year, on Valentine's Day, we were at my Grandma Hazel's funeral. We all know we are lucky to be here and have each other to love, and we should definitely celebrate that every chance we get.


Annie Gallitz said...

Hey! Didn't we go to the Silvertron w/ you one of our visits?? WOW on your weekend. Not a very good pic of your new necklace---must be a selfie,hey ?? I look forward to seeing it in person soon. NO I have not gotten any -Emails from you. Nonny did say that she thought you were using the wrong address. THe 'AJ" comes after my title, then

Laura Gallitz said...

We probably have taken you to Silvertron. I have always loved it, and the new owner has been so very good to the community, including Avondale School and PTA.

I did take that photo of the necklace myself. I will try to find a good photographer to get the full effect later.

I am sorry I had your incorrect email address. I have sent a test message trying again.