Saturday, January 9, 2016

Today's Special

I'm on a blogging streak, so since I didn't have any posts already scheduled I thought I would get in some bullet points of our day before another day happens and I forget all the good stuff.

- Anna June started a 5-week session of swim lessons on Saturday mornings. She's in "Swim School Level 4" now. Evidently, they've re-categorized the levels since the last time I was paying attention. Her instructor said she did very well but AJ said it was very hard and didn't think she did well at all. They are working on flip turns.

- I walked laps at the gym while AJ swam. I got more than 10,000 steps today. That used to be my goal every day, but I just figured out that UAB Wellness has a daily goal of 7,500 steps per day, which I still don't meet every time, but it's much more do-able. I get points when I hit it each day. No money, just points that don't really mean anything. But someone is keeping track other than my heart, so that kind of makes it fun.

- AJ had her friend Dorothy over to play this afternoon. It's so crazy that these girls were just tiny 4-year-olds the other day and now, AJ will confidently walk up to Dorothy's door to ring the doorbell to get her. "You don't have to get out of the car, Mom," she told me. AJ had called Dorothy last Saturday to plan the play date. They're suddenly so grown. They played with dolls, but they also played Disneyland on Xbox Kinect and Pieface with whipped cream. It was wonderful to hear happy giggles.

- Because we were home, we made the dinner we were not home to make last night, but better. We had baked chicken cutlets (with Italian Seasoning and the rosemary/oregano olive oil), twice baked potatoes, snow peas, and Sister Schubert's Dinner Rolls. AJ was glad to help me fix dinner. I allowed her to brush the tops of the rolls with butter, and, for some reason, she was really excited about this new skill/responsibility. She had "always wanted" to do this. I let her melt the butter in the microwave and brush it on with the plastic pastry brush. She was delighted. She had actually been really excited for dinner for some reason tonight. She even made a menu and put on an apron. I think she brought her cash register into the kitchen to kind of play restaurant, but I nixed that because I made her put away a bunch of her other stuff that was still lingering in the kitchen instead of starting a new thing. Later, she gave the dinner a "C -" Her review was that the chicken was not flavorful enough (possibly true), the snow peas were over-seasoned (possibly also true, except she selected snow peas on the basis of "I've never tried snow peas" so I think she just doesn't like them, and the potatoes were "disgusting." At least she was excited on the front end, so I'll take it.

By the way, though AJ said the spelling bee would be on the 6th, it wasn't. After sorting out some communication, it seems that the 3-5 grade competed on the 8th. Those winners will compete at the district level. The 1-2 grade competition will be on Friday the 15th. Winners have not yet been determined from AJ's classroom, but if I understand correctly, 2 representatives will be sent. Please cross your fingers that somehow the word "special" does not make its way on to some alternative list.

-The adults are recovering from colds. Ben took a half a sick day this week, and I also took one. Sore throat with various aches, followed by congestion and drainage. His is a full-on chest cough, which we are keeping an eye on. We're resting and drinking a lot of fluids. I've been hitting the herbal tea each day. AJ has decided she kind of likes mint tea, especially since Lily gave her some not that long ago. "It tastes like flowers in my mouth," AJ said, which is kind of what it is. I'm going to try to finish our giant vat of Hawaiian Punch tomorrow. It's a legit goal.

-Speaking of goals, Ben and I finished watching the series Parenthood tonight. I was going to say we finished Parenthood, but that's not true. :) It was such a good show, featuring Peter Krause, one of Ben's all-time favorites (Six Feet Under, Sports Night) and Lauren Graham, one of my favorites (Gilmore Girls, obviously). The big achievement here is that we watched all 6 seasons together. This is more difficult than it sounds. Lots of other things have taken up our attention over the past year or so since we started watching, including actual parenting. Plus, the show was a drama, and, well, it was a lot like real life in a lot of ways. Nearly every episode had me reaching for the Kleenex, and it wasn't something I could watch a ton of episodes in a row. The show is about 4 grown siblings, living in the same town and trying to navigate life with their parents, children, and each other. At first, I thought, hey, this is kind of like our family, except with better hair. They even started some businesses (oops - spoiler alert) during the course of the show to make it even more like us. But of course like any good show there was something of each character in each of us. PS I'm probably most like Julia but without all the ambition.


Annie Gallitz said...

I LOVE blogging sprees!!!!!!!!!!! I am really happy to hear that AJ is back to swim lessons !! SHe does , like her Dad, have a :swimmers body:. AND, it just makes your whole world more fun, the more things you know how to do . Yep, flip turns sound hard; there must be a key skill involved. That sounds like ALOT of walking for you 9( for any one ); Nice, tho to have to area to walk at the same place as AJ's lessons ! WIN/ WIN !! I always loved too hear the kids laughing when friends were over too. I am glad that pie face is getting some use. ( HAve faith, I think that the novelty will wear off quickly!)I don;t knw... that dinner sounded DELISH !!! Just like AJ to love doing the rolls ---sounds like her quirky little self. AND , to turn the meal into a game by making a restaurant out of it . so cute ! I will eagerly await the results of the spelling bee. How is AJ holding up under the pressure ?? I have nooo comment to make re: your series that you guys were watching. I Have Never seen it . and, I cannnot involve myself in another series; Last time , I stayed awake , in my pjs for several days in a row, completing several seasons of both the Waliking Dead, and another BBC detective show. ALL at once. BR breaks, and eating breaks only . i must have my familial dose of OCD.

Annie Gallitz said...

PS: Sorry to hear that you guys are feeling poorly. ?if that cold is anything like what is going around up here, most every one ended up on Anti biotics, to kick it (including me). I just feel so badly for people who cannot take off of work for a proper amt of time , when they feel sick . Hope you are doing better now.

Laura Gallitz said...

So, well, I let my streak end on Saturday night but we were busy all day Sunday and that was a long post. No guilt.

I should probably sit and watch AJ's lesson like the other moms but she took lessons at the same place with the same instructors during the summer without me, so I figure she can live without me for a little while. Plus, I can see her end of the pool when I am walking laps, so it's not like I have abandoned her entirely. I agree: Win-Win.

We are trying not to put too much pressure on AJ for the spelling bee, but it would be a shame for her not to do well. We are pretty convinced she knows all 150 words.

Don't worry about never watching Parenthood. It is good but certainly binge-watching is less important than anything else in life.

Laura Gallitz said...

Re: taking off work when sick. I'm blessed with a job where I can USUALLY be off work with no problem, but Ben's job has to have people there to cover, and he can't always be off, even when he doesn't feel the greatest. As for me, I am choosing not to take off because with a cold, how do you ever know when you're over it? I could be home for weeks at that rate. Not going to happen. I need to be at work and I need to function in other capacities as well. To my knowledge, I have not run a fever or anything, and my mucus is still clear, so my doctor won't prescribe anything yet. Of course, I don't have a chest cough yet. If I do, I will go - hoping it doesn't turn to pneumonia.