Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Things You Find...

I just found a list containing a blog post I meant to write but evidently did not.

More than a year ago, we went camping. You can read about it here.

Around that time, I polled my friends on Facebook to ask what all we should bring with us. As a novice, I was sure that I would forget important stuff. I was right, but their ideas were interesting, at least. Evidently, I have lots of friends who are veteran campers. Here are their ideas, in three categories.


Foam pads/air mattresses (ground is hard)
Fan (it gets hot in AL)
ground cover under tent
Waterproof tent
Poles and rain fly for tent
Sleeping bag
Fleece blanket
Fleece socks (or at least a pair of dry socks)
Cooking apparatus
Eating and drinking utensils
Dry matches
First aid
Backup toilet paper
Hand sanitizer
Bug spray
Rain gear

Sleeping pills
Castor oil
Popcorn and wok
Chocolate (duh - they didn't have to suggest this)
Good salt
Cooked rice
Solar Charger for phone
Fun people

Illegal fireworks
Coffee percolator
Hotel reservation


Annie Gallitz said...

I am betting that " illegal fireworks"was significantly higher on Shenandoah's list ,than on yours!

Laura Gallitz said...

Why yes, he was certainly more interested in that item than I was! But we didn't get any - it's one thing to cause trouble in a state park for not knowing how things work there but it's quite another to burn it down.

Annie Gallitz said...

ps.What , exactly, is 'GOOD SALT ??? ( I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have been using " BAD " salt, all of these years) And, WHY would anyone NEED Sleeping pills when you've spent the entire day outside, in the fresh air????????? THAT IS Nature's sleeping pills!!!!!!!Also... didn't quite get the 'FAN'one;AS in , 'electric fan "?? Or, HAND FAN?====( how about a quick jum p in the lake ??) Back to fire works: THey sell ALL Sorts of cool little ones....... I especially liked the little tanks, that would roll and shoot out a flame!! What you do .is. find a sandy road and ignite them there , That way, you don't burn down the forest and they are not loud enough to bother anyone. THere are TONS of those!!!!! ( that is what memories are made of !!! )

Laura Gallitz said...

I have no idea what good salt is, nor do I remember who made the suggestion or I would ask. I am assuming that Kosher salt or sea salt is what they meant, or even Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (only the latter of which I do not own). I just use regular old (iodized) table salt most of the time, unless a recipe directs otherwise.

I can see sleeping pills, especially on the first night. Again, we didn't bring any, but being in unfamiliar surroundings can make it difficult to fall asleep for some people. Fresh air does usually help sleep, but so does melatonin (at least for AJ).

I definitely get the fan: A battery-powered or electric fan if you have a source of electricity. It gets DANG HOT here in all but about 3 months. We were still running the a/c in December. Cooler temps allegedly help people sleep. If you're in a warm sleeping bag, a fan may be useful. Definitely not a hand fan - you'd wear yourself out trying to get cool enough for that one and it wouldn't help you sleep. We didn't bring a fan, either.

AJ and I are not big on fireworks. We've tried sparklers before and she was scared, so, maybe one day. I like watching professional displays, but things that both ignite and make noise are not really on my list of favorite things.