Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Night Before Christmas

Yes, I'm still blogging about Christmas. It was a pretty big deal.

On Christmas Eve, AJ and I spent the day mostly at home. The only Christmas movie we watched with intent was Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas, which is, of course, the best Christmas movie ever made. I was bustling about the house, but I have seen it about fifty times and I may actually be able to quote it all the way through. I got choked up in the appropriate places and sang along, too. But I swept the floor and did laundry and dishes and some other stuff. AJ enjoyed it, though.

Later, when Ben got off work, we went to Mom and Dad's house to get some leftovers for lunch. At the time, they didn't have a functioning microwave, so we got it to go. But later, I decided AJ needed to visit my parents while I wrapped some of her gifts, so I took her back.

While she was there, she gathered cookies for Santa (all ours had been transported there) and some carrots for the reindeer.

She's learned we must clearly label foodstuffs.

Then, we read all of the Christmas books we hadn't already read this year. That included the best one.

Note on the photo: I told her to "look less ridiculous" which cracked her up.

I posted the picture to facebook with the following caption:
"You may read another famous rhyming book about December 24 (yeah, we read it, too), but to us, this is our most special Christmas tradition. This time, AJ read it to me." 

A little while later, from Georgia, Rusty posted this:
My word, Rusty was a cute baby his own self but Thomas has him beat.

We crammed a lot of Christmas stuff in to one day, and luckily, AJ was tired and went to bed early. We did, too. God bless us, every one.


Annie Gallitz said...

THat is a GREAT Family tradition, reading Annettes' book! ( wouldn't she LOVE to know that her great grandchildren are carrying it on?? ) You should get a fanily photo compilation of every grand, and Great grandchild reading the book! ( wouldn't that be a sweet gift for the Grandpa Jeromes?)(Thomas is a REALLY handsome boy!!) Altho I am not a Fan of the holiday, I do love AJ's innocence about it still ( I am Glad to see her being a LITTLE girl-------she'e got us all fooled so often about her actual age!Sometimes it comes as a shock to realize that she is not a teenager!)) I LOVE that she labeled the bag of carrots for the reindeer!!!! Best enjoy this while you can!This could be gone next year ..................( sorry._) That is a GREAT PiX of AJ !!

Laura Gallitz said...

Good idea. Maybe next year we can be more coordinated about photographing the great grands.