Friday, January 1, 2016

Like Magic

Happy New Year, Readers!

It is 2016 and I hope you are enjoying a new page on your calendar.

Because after all, that's all a new year really is, right? A different year that you'll forget to write on your checks.

I don't really want to have such a negative perspective. I am all about setting goals, resolving to do better, and working for change.

But I asked Anna June and Ben if they had any New Year's Resolutions and they said no. So I think I will join them and not have any, either.

However, I will say this - I am not going to feel guilty anymore.

It's not a good goal, to live guilt-free, because it is not measurable. How can just decide to not have a feeling?

Let's try it.

Poof. The guilt is gone. Like magic. Guilt for the things I did or did not do in 2015 (or even earlier) is gone.

I was thinking about it, and everything I have done or not done was because I wanted to do it. It's as simple as that. If I had not wanted to do it (or not do it), I wouldn't have. And vice versa. I am living with consequences of choices I have made and I am OK with that. You should be, too.

I'm an adult, and nobody "makes" me do anything. I'm obviously compelled to certain actions by law or ethics but there's nothing I HAVE to do. I catch myself saying "I HAVE to go to the store" or "I HAVE to wash the dishes." But actually, I don't. I can choose to go to the store so that I can buy food to feed my family. I can choose to wash the dishes so they don't mold in the sink. But I am making choices so that the consequential outcomes will be favorable, not because I HAVE to do it. I will work on my word choices, even in the things I tell myself.

Do what you feel like you have to do because of your good reasons. Do what you want to do without justification.

Please join me in the Guilt-Free Zone of 2016.


Annie Gallitz said...

Laura...Such anarchy !!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Anarchy, probably. It's a lofty and noble goal, though. I have to keep telling myself that, though guilt is deep and real and entrenched I have to let it go because it does me zero good.