Saturday, January 2, 2016

Let's Make a Memory

For some reason, this Christmas, I decided I was going to make a bunch of gifts. Perhaps it was the combination of mason jars in my house and my excessive Pinterest addiction. Perhaps it was temporary insanity. But either way, the decision had been made and I wasn't backing out of it.

One gift I made for 3 of my friends and co-workers was Semi-Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix. My verdict now is that it is good, but not that much better than the pre-made mixes you find at the store like Swiss Miss. I doubt it is a lot cheaper but it does make a lot. It certainly is not healthy.

I do like hot chocolate. And I liked the mason jars with chalkboard stickers that we had gotten as party favors at a wedding this summer. But we had no place for them so I knew that I would use them at Christmas. This seemed to be a fantastic easy project. 

It actually was, but after I gave away the three jars I had planned, we still had tons left. And we have lots of the ingredients like powdered milk and Nesquick in the pantry for later.

On December 28, AJ asked to pull a random fun thing to do from her "box of fun." Yes, that thing is still hanging around, still mostly full. I hope we will make time to use it before she is so old that none of these things are fun to her.

Fortunately, the fun thing she pulled from the box was "make a hot chocolate bar!" So we did, since we already had a vat of mix on the counter ready to go. Per the suggestions, we added marshmallows, whipped cream, peppermint (it suggested Andes mints but we didn't have any), and chocolate spoons. We melted semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave to make our plastic spoons into chocolate spoons. AJ didn't love that as much I wished we had had some milk chocolate instead but I certainly wasn't going to make a special trip and ruin the impromptu vibe. Although I still don't love whipped cream in my hot chocolate, we had a good time making and drinking this.



Annie Gallitz said...

I LOve this idea. I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE=== the more whip cream, the better. IN fact, as it melts, add MORE!!! AND, I love chocolate SPOONS!!! ( these could be a gift all by themselves , I think!!) But-- NO semi sweet chocolates!! I can't stand dark chocolate, ( I Know, that is just a me thing ( and yes. I Know it's much healthier...... it is still vile )Nonny just ordered me some gourmet chocolate figs,,,, ( extremely expensive. Like, 6 for $24. BUT SO SO decadent....(imported Spanish figs , filled w/ chocolate and brandy ganache, dipped in dark chocolate.....MMMM=MMMMM=MMMMM!!!!!) I ended chipping off the " dipping " of dark chocolate, because it was ruining it for me. Otherwise, they were THE BEST , ever!!!!!!)( John and Kira's).

Laura Gallitz said...

Yeah, I think I don't like whipped cream that much because it dilutes the chocolate. It may make it creamier but I'd rather have it straight. I agree the semi-sweet chocolate chips were a mistake, but that's what we had on hand.

Your figs sound delicious! I do like dark chocolate, but I like any kind of chocolate, really.

AJ can take or leave chocolate itself, but she likes hot chocolate!