Friday, January 22, 2016

Keeping that Christmas Spirit

This year's school Christmas program was during the day, so no one from our family could attend besides me. Each grade performed one song.

Second grade performed "Gloria" although it was not a traditional holiday song I've heard before (although the words were familiar). And, no, it was not Van Morrison's "G-L-O-R-I-A" although that would have been interesting, too.

Anna June is standing in the back row towards our left, wearing a red dress.

Without further ado, here's everything you would have seen of the second grade's performance, without the awkward transitions between classes and the long presentation. You're welcome.

Avondale Elementary Christmas Program from SRG on Vimeo.


Annie Gallitz said...

YES, indeed! THank you for posting! Those 2 little girls next to AJ were REALLY ANNOYING !!!! They fooled around the entire song, and the one w/ her hair up did not sing ONCE; Poor AJ; I think i might have managed to edge /push them off of the riser , if I were her !!! You can just TELL that they were trouble makers, and probably were not nice to kids who were paying attention , and who were really trying. Makes it miserable for everyone around them. I thought that the song was sung w/ great gusto, for a song that was comprised of only four words! AJ may just be edging out of her spot in the back row for tall kids ! ( I am sorry for fixating on those two naughty girls, but I hope that AJ would speak up for herself next time and ask the teacher to reassign her a different spot !!!!She could do that privately, so the naughty girls would not even be aware of the change !!) Nobody should have to put up with that .

Laura Gallitz said...

I totally didn't even notice those girls! I was too busy looking at the other kids that I actually know and ignoring the rest. I loved Bryan's adorable hand-clapping (front row, our right) and some other things. I really didn't notice the trouble makers. Seasoned performers like AJ tuned them out, I guess. I am sure they got in trouble afterwards, too, either from their teacher or parents. I don't think that the placement was specific. I think some kids got told back row, next row, etc. but they were kind of clumped by class and I don't think they were in a specific order in those rows, necessarily. I am glad my kid was behaving, anyway.

Annie Gallitz said...

Bryan: With the tie on ?? YES --Totally adorable!!! Those two girls are not the sort that have parents who come to school events.... felt sorry for the ( Hispanic ? ) boy in the front row w/ his hands in his pockets; he too did not sing once. At least he was not disruptive....... it's funny, how these kids are only in 2nd grade , and yet , it is quite apparent which kids are already at risk .......... OF COURSE , your kid is well behaved!! WE would expect nothing less of her!!!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, he is the one in the tie. Sweetness. Now I'm going to have to watch it again some time to look for that other little boy. I will not judge the kids and guess whether or not they are at risk based on their performance in a Christmas program. Maybe singing is not their thing. There's one child I know who stood front and center (in another grade) and did not sing a word, but she literally has stage fright. She knew all the words, and both her parents came and, but she could not open her mouth.