Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How Was Your Weekend?

This weekend we packed more in than usual, even for us. Here's what we did:

Friday - AJ's school and Ben's work let out early, and I worked the afternoon from home as we had the threat of inclement weather. It was snowing, but the ground was too warm in our area for it to stick at all. There were many other areas near us with much more snow, but we just missed out. We had dinner from a bag: salad and chicken. We watched The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. I totally fell asleep. AJ tells me she liked it.

Saturday - Swim lesson! Ben observed while I walked on the track. AJ did all kinds of strokes: breast stroke, back stroke, freestyle, and more. She was exhausted afterwards. We had lunch at Chick-fil-A because we had gotten a sample of their new Superfoods Salad (it's a kale and broccolini salad) and Ben really wanted more. Then we went home to get ready for AJ's play date with Lily. This was their last play date before Lily moves away this week. AJ will miss her B.F.F.

Saturday evening - dinner was baked fish with this copycat Potlatch seasoning, peas, and "roasted red potatoes with garlic." I should have known better when there was no verifiable recipe, just some text in the comment of a photo on Pinterest, but our potatoes did not roast, even though I gave them longer than it said to. Maybe ours were bigger. Either way, that one went in the "don't do again" pile.

Then we went to meet up with Drew and Granddaddy and went to the UAB Men's Basketball game. It was fantastic, and UAB extended their longest winning streak in school history by beating the University of North Texas 78-57. UAB was favored to win, but was losing at the beginning of the game, making it more exciting than you would have thought.

Of course we all cheered at appropriate times during the game, but we all screamed the loudest when the announcer said, "Rusty's Bar-B-Q is a proud sponsor of Blazer Athletics." There are 3 other big BBQ restaurants who sponsor the Blazers, one of which now has a location on campus. It's hard to compete, but it wasn't hard to find us (and our friends 2 sections over) when we were clapping and screaming because of an advertisement.

Sunday - lots of running around, including an extended trip to the mall to exchange something at Macy's, get my rings cleaned and inspected at Kay Jewelers and drop off some old glasses at Lens Crafters. Then, we went over to Samford University's Leslie Stephen Wright Center for the Performing Arts to see Opera Birmingham perform La Traviata by Verdi. Yes, we took AJ. Yes, I knew a little about the story but the company manager assured me that it was "PG" and that AJ would be alright. We knew some people in the show and I thought it would be fun for AJ to see our friends on stage. The story and the performance were fine, but I think she objected to its length: Three acts (and two intermissions) totaling just under 3 hours. Near the end, Ben was muttering, "Just die already!" We agreed that Violetta had remarkable lung capacity for someone allegedly dying of tuberculosis. And Verdi must not have known how contagious it is.

A real, actual review of the performance (the Friday night show, not the Sunday matinee) is found here.

Who else would take their kid to both an NCAA basketball game and an opera in the same weekend? Asked if she liked either one, AJ said no and then went on to describe the two events as "six hours I will never get back." I told her I'd likely ask again to bring her to a ball game next year, but I would leave the opera alone. If she wants to go again when she's older, she can ask.

We took AJ over to my parents' house, where we all had dinner and AJ stayed a while to play with Wesley, who was spending the night. Ben and I took advantage of the time to have what may have been our first date night of the year, which was spent at home watching SNL clips and doing a few chores. Still counts, though!

This next weekend is shaping up to be busy, as well, but not quite as busy. We'll see.


Annie Gallitz said...

Oh No !! Lily is moving???? Far away?? I am SO sorry,AJ.. Yo'll have to keep in touch..Letters, and, Email!! I LOVE La Traviata!! One of my favorite arias , as sung by Jussi Bjorling.!! I think that the only worthwhile opera attending, however, is a national company.( altho, your soprano and Baritone got very good reviews!!) Who did you know who was in an opera?? Do you remember the time you were down from Sheboygan, Shenandoah. and on the spur of the moment , I said, Let's go to the opera!!! I think that it was 'La Traviata' that we saw then, too , nest ce pas?????? * AJ might have been a little too young for the experience...... (Has she been walking around the house singing opera ever since, by any chance?? WOW--- she is doing REAL SWIMMING ,now!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! How did the fish taste ( w/ the potlatch seasoning???_) I have never gone to a BB Ball game,,( I used to enjoy playing , and I was once on a school team),,, altho, this Saturday, we are going up to Green Bay , to watch Mehryn play a game. ( I hope I can stay awake, as we are leaving right after I get home from work _

Laura Gallitz said...

Lily is moving to Mississippi, where her family is from. I am sure AJ will keep in touch - we already have their new address.

Our local opera company did a great job, I thought, but I think that's only the second time that I've been to an opera, so I'm not the best to judge. My friend Drew was in the opera (he had a couple of lines as the messenger) - he's a family friend that I used to babysit for...he's now a veteran who is married with three kids. Time flies!

Ben says you saw "I Pagliacci" - he had never seen "La Traviata" before.

AJ sings all the time, sometimes songs she knows, sometimes songs she makes up. Her performances have not been any more operatic since the show on Sunday, though. I agree she may have been too young for the experience but it is now off the bucket list.

The fish and Potlatch seasoning was good. I prefer the seasoning on salmon, but it works OK on tilapia, which is what we used. I'm trying to use it up! It's on the menu again tonight or tomorrow.

Partly because UAB did not have a football team when I was a child, and partly because basketball is really fun to watch, my dad took me to basketball games. It is a good opportunity for family fun. Since Bartow Arena was built on campus, I have been to many games (although I know I attended some when they used to play at the Civic Center, too). Our basketball team, going to the NCAA tournament in several years, has had much success for such a comparatively young program.

I hope that you have a great time at UW-Green Bay! The game is definitely more fun to watch when you know someone playing. Mehryn seems to be doing amazingly well for her team!

AJ is doing great at swimming. She only has 2 more weeks of this term, though, and we'll take a break for baseball. I don't know that she'll "graduate" from lessons, so there may be more in her future this summer.

Annie Gallitz said...

No. NOT I Pagliacci ! ( I;ve never seen that ). Ah, yes . I remember LIly's Mom saying that was where her mom was living (alone, since her father had died). I am still so sorry for both of thses little girls. How is Anna June taking it >

Laura Gallitz said...

AJ is taking it fine, since she has known about it for months.

Perhaps it was Suor Angelica then? It was so long ago.