Thursday, January 21, 2016

How Am I Doing? - Part II

When I turned 37, I made a list of 37 goals for myself for the year. I started updating on my progress here.

Before I get to goals 16-37, I do have one update since I drafted that last post:

Goal 8 - AJ's passport came in the mail! We're all clear to travel. Now we can decide when and where, and for how long for the first trip.

16. Remember that the sooner it gets done, the sooner you can have fun. I struggle with this every single day. When I don't want to do something that is not fun, I don't do it. But that makes me have less time to do the fun things that I actually want to do. So I'm trying to focus on eliminating the filler and getting down to the things I intentionally want to do. It's so hard.

17. Be diligent about weekly grocery shopping and daily dishes/laundry. I think I have been better about this but I wasn't tracking it, so I don't know for sure. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I do plan and shop, but it doesn't always work out.

18. Blog more than last year – but blog less while physically at work. This was a failure on all counts. While I've obviously been working, work is the place where I get things done. Home is the place where I collapse and am unproductive. And I still got over 100 posts up in 2015, but it was my worst year since 2008, when I started mid-year. This year, partly, I will blame my freelance gigs but also because AJ can read now and doesn't really like that I have a blog about her.

19. Go to bed on time and get up on time. I am getting better at this one, because Ben has to be at work at 6:00 AM now. If we are not in bed by 9:00, that 5:00 AM alarm does no good. Now if AJ can just get to bed on time...

20. Do not wait until the last minute to plan activities for AJ’s spring and summer breaks.- Finally, something in the win column. For Spring Break, AJ attended UAB Rec Center camp. She was there most of the summer, as well, but skipped on some key weeks like Camp Mom, Art Camp, and VBS. We are still trying to figure out our schedules for Spring and Summer Breaks, but we will try to register sooner than later as soon as we know. Now that she's old enough, we've floated the idea of a sleep-away camp for a week, but she quickly shot us down. She is not ready to be away from us yet.

21. Less Facebook and more actual face time with real live people. This was probably not a good goal, as it is not very measurable. Facebook remains an important channel of communication for our PTA, so I am on it a lot. However, I also show up for a lot of things. I've enjoyed many dinners and lunches (and even meetings and projects) with friends this year, almost none of them have ended up on Facebook. I think I can put the phone down when I need to. Mostly.

22. Get to 50 wins on Words with Friends.  Done. I did this fairly early in the year so I could focus on other things. I have not played a game since ending the ones in progress when I got to 50. It seemed like an unattainable milestone at the time but I eventually did it.

23. Attend my 20th high school reunion. Done. I had a great time. A really great time. (Photo via Shelley Gentle's Facebook post)

24. Be the best PTA treasurer-elect/treasurer I can be, but identify a replacement. This one is harder than I thought it would be. At present, the bylaws call for a 2-year stint at Treasurer. It sort of make sense, as the year is halfway over and I would not say that I know what I am doing yet. Also, no one wants this job. I have found someone who may be willing to do it, but her child will age out of the school before her youngest is old enough during the second of her two years if I go two years (and the bylaws are not changed). In other words, I need another year to recruit anyway. Or maybe I will burn out in a stellar fashion and resign, leaving everyone to their own devices. But I personally have worked too hard to let it go, so we'll just see.

25. Bring my lunch to work at least once per week. Make Meatless Mondays a reality. I forgot this was a goal, but I would say that on average, at least, I have brought my lunch once per week and on average, we've had a meatless meal per week. Sometimes fewer, sometimes more, but I think it averages out.

26. Run a 5K in May – the Color Run – with AJ. Like I mentioned, I didn't accomplish any of my fitness goals. We ran a few times. We did a 2 mile run-walk in October, so I will give myself partial credit (2/3.1). But mostly running is not fitting in my life right now and I have to be OK with that.

27. Keep my lunch breaks to an hour and be on time for work more often. Maybe I have done better than I thought, because my employee evaluation was outstanding this year.  So, if I come a few minutes later and leave a few minutes later, it balances out. If I spend a really great lunch with a friend for more than an hour one day but eat in two bites at my keyboard the next, it balances out. Balance. Balance. Balance.

28. Visit both of my grandparents at least once per month. This goal breaks my heart. My grandmother passed away in February, and I, naturally, wish I had spent more time with her. I did see her often, though, and I am glad she got to really know Anna June, even if it was because she broke her leg. I still have my Granddaddy, though, and I still see him when I can. Once a month is probably not enough but it's a good benchmark to keep in mind, I guess.

29. Stop piling junk on the kitchen table and island. If it is not food, it doesn’t belong there. The struggle is real. Every day, I think this is the day I will tackle this, and if I had some kind of willpower, it would happen. Sometimes it does, and then it is back in a mess the next day. It's a showcase of my good intentions - projects started but not finished, paperwork done but not filed. Sigh.

30. Use the fitness watch I have and track steps/calories.Well, the one I had was terrible, so Ben got me a Fitbit Flex. It was great, but I wanted a Fitbit Charge HR (it can track how many flights of stairs! Heartbeat! Automatically detect sleep!) so he got me one of those, too. In between I tried the Microsoft Band and it's neat, too. With these trackers, data on my steps is automatically uploaded for me to track and I don't have to do anything. The less I have to do, the better. Tracking has been enlightening, for sure.

31. Use the Xbox or fitness videos we have more often. I really love the Zumba Rush game we have. Until I got sick, I was using it almost daily in the early mornings. I think I finally found the solution to the "I don't have time for fitness" whining - do it after Ben leaves but before AJ wakes up. If I can breathe well enough tomorrow morning, I'm getting back on that grind, so to speak.

32. Write and mail thank you notes promptly. I give myself a C+ on this one. I still firmly believe in the power of a handwritten thank you note anytime someone who does not live in your home gives you something or does something for you.

33. Stop leaving the house with wet hair. "Better to arrive late than to arrive ugly." I definitely did a lot better on this one, but I didn't track it. I would guess a B on that.

These last ones are not measurable either - what was I thinking?

34. Take better care of my car. I did take it in for regular maintenance and a recall part. So win.

35. Take better care of our house. We had some major things done this year, like landscaping and plumbing work. It's still a mess, though.

36. Take better care of our family. We are still alive. Win.

37. Take better care of myself. While physically, I may or may not have done much different. I think tracking my activity and periodically, my food intake, gave me some wake up calls. I am happy to report I have been to all of my preventive appointments this year, well, for the doctors who remind me that I am supposed to come in. I have definitely been taking better care of my mental health. Sometimes self-care means taking a nap. I will continue to make hard choices and do hard things so that I can be in better shape to do all the things I have yet to do. 


Annie Gallitz said...

I am calculating something like a solid
B to B + overall, which is AWESOME !!!!! Some of these, like the buildup of immaterials in the kitchen, are LIFELONG struggles; ( every house has a dumping ground = the plethora of organizational items , ideas and sites out there ). S0------>, I'd give you a much better score in that area , and back it up w/ your " no guilt".. philosophy !!! (
you do GOOD!)

Annie Gallitz said...

p.s. # 36 : " We are all alive. WIN . ( HA HA HA !!! Hilarious !!)

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! Sometimes, I do focus on these big and lofty goals. But sometimes, I think: How can I get through this day? This particular task? This hour? This minute? We're in survival mode more than I'd care to admit but we are surviving, so I have to give myself some credit!