Sunday, January 17, 2016

How Am I Doing? - Part I

Remember my nauseatingly ambitious list of 37 things I was going to do while I was 37?

Yeah, me too. Like, every day.

But since I am not bringing guilt along for the ride in 2016, I thought I would report on how I actually did on some of them.

Let me go ahead and confess - I didn't really do any of the fitness ones.

1. Lose enough weight to fit into regular clothes. This goal was echoed when I joined Stitch Fix, as they only go up to a size 14, when I am still a 16. I went for my annual gynecological exam (hey, this may seem like TMI, but if you are a female over age 18, you need to be having them, too!) and I had lost 2 whole pounds since the same time last year. It wasn't a gain so I call that winning.

2. Finish watching the series Parenthood. As I reported here, we did this, but it was actually after my 38th birthday. Still winning.

3. Go to the gym at least once per week. I did not do this. As soon as AJ gets done with her swim lessons, I will cancel my membership. Right now, it does benefit me as I can work out while she swims and we get a discount. But once she completes level 5, whether it is this session or this summer, I will cancel. I just can't seem to fit going to the gym into my life right now. Not a true win, but at least I have made a money-saving decision.

4. Stop dwelling on the loss of UAB football – it is not my personal fault. I think I did a pretty good job of letting this go, as crushed as I was. Plus, this summer, our president announced that football would return. But not until 2017. It was a compromise, and fans did not get the best end of this deal. Currently, plans for a stadium are being made, but if it is not on our campus or in close walking distance, this is another compromise we should not have to make. PS - I may not have made employee of the month if anyone reads my blog.

5. Keep Family Game Night and Family Movie Night as regularly as church and weekly trips to Rusty’s. I wish I had done better at this one. Not exactly winning here. We did watch a lot of movies and play a lot of games. The truth is that we are all exhausted and staying up, even to play, is hard. Will try to be better this year.

6.  Find replacements for my leadership positions with the Benevolent Fund, & Alpha Phi Alumnae. This is definitely a win, although it took me longer than it should have to get things in place. A new Awareness Committee Co-Chair was found for the Benevolent Fund, and I ended my council membership on June 30, as planned. I also identified a new person as the communications chair for the Alpha Phi Alumnae group. It took me quite a while to turn things over to her, but I consider this item completed.

7. Develop a family budget, having a set amount to give to charity. We didn't do this, but it is still a win because we worked on some of our charitable/church donations. My online retail therapy has gotten out of hand lately, as I am buying things I just want to have (hello, Vera Bradley sunglasses holder) so we should probably spend some time working on this. Again with the fatigue as an excuse, but our bills are paid thanks to my very responsible person and we do give where we feel we can.

8. Get new passports so we can travel out of the country if we get around to it. ALMOST done! Again, this was done after my birthday, but we had made significant progress before then. Ben and I have received our renewed passports, and AJ's is in process. Watch out world, here we come!

9. Purchase and learn to ride a bicycle – will need to get a bike rack, too. This, as the other fitness goals, was not done. But AJ has made progress on learning to ride, getting her training wheels off this year, so I will need to learn soon to keep up with her. 

10. Read at least one book per month. I wish I could say I had done this! But I have read a few, and even enjoyed myself in the process. I can't remember everything I have read, but likely the last two books I completed were Let's Pretend this Never Happened and Furiously Happy, both by Jenny Lawson (a.k.a. The Bloggess). Both books contain funny stories about serious things. The first contains my favorite blog post of all time by anyone in the universe (sorry, language is not safe for work) and when I read it again in the book I laughed as if I had not read it before. In Furiously Happy, there's a story about a possum that I was laughing so hard at that AJ made me read it to her - I read her the edited version. It was still funny.

11. Make plans and follow through with date night, even if we have to *gasp* hire a babysitter. Just like with the game nights and movie nights, date nights were even more elusive, due to the crazy nature of our schedules and being tired all the time. We did a lot of "not quite date nights" at home after AJ was in bed, watching TV together.

12. Give up soda for good. Didn't happen, but I have been soda-free for 15 days, since the new year began. I am not counting sparkling water. And yes, I realize what soda actually is. Baby steps.

13. Give meditation and prayer more of a chance. I did maybe a little better on this one. Still much room for improvement.

14. Get allergies under control, with shots or drops, even if it means finding a new ENT. After a period of sulking and stewing, I finally contacted my ENT and said I was ready to get the allergy shots, once per week, for about a year. (I mentioned them here.) Then, it will be once per month for another couple of years, if I remember correctly. The drops sounded attractive but expensive; my insurance covers the shots 100%. I give up part of my lunch hour each Tuesday, and they give me 20 minutes of sitting in a room in my tank top reading Twitter, making sure I don't have an allergic reaction. I still have issues with these folks, but I've made the commitment and I want to see it through. If I stop, I'll have to start all over again building up my tolerance for mold. I can't believe I actually have shots every week, but I figure that now that I've had a kid, I have done lots of other physical things I didn't believe I could do before. That's my excuse for bravery.

15. Get a raise or a promotion. Raise accomplished! I didn't find out until this week (January) but my performance evaluation was outstanding and I was named Employee of the Month, so I guess I'm doing what they need me to be doing. Maybe I will retire in 12 years, after I have been here for 25.

That's it for now - there's more to this post but I need to break it in two or it will be too long, even for me. Until next time...


Annie Gallitz said...

Well, overall, not too bad! ( ). I would REALLY love to hear that you did finally learn to ride a bike'; just because you have WONDERFUL bike trails in your city; It seems a shame not to be able to ride them. AND--- at the risk of repeating myself---- it is a GREAT family activity,and very healthy too.( Come on, Laura------they have bikes for about $10 bucks at the G -Dub,). Congratulations on your raise. Long over due, and well deserved, I am sure!!! Also. I am glad that you relieved yourself of some of your responsibilities as regards


\the benevolent fund and your sorority alumnae association.; I know that in a perfect world, you would rather have continued doing both, but....................... Do you find that you have more time now???????Or, or are you still sort of over-reached????? At any rate,NO Guilt over these things!!! THat is a good mantra re : these goals!!

Laura Gallitz said...

No, I'm not finding that I have more time now! I am just keeping my head above water, as they say. Riding a bike is still on my radar but it's too cold right now to think about it. Maybe in the spring. It's not the expense. I want to go to a bike place, tell them my story, have them find the right bike for me and the size I am, get the gear to haul it around, and then actually have time to do it. So far, not.