Friday, January 8, 2016

Be Prepared

To be honest, on Christmas Day, the tornadoes headed our direction kind of freaked us all out. Anna June is now old enough to understand what we've been talking about all these years. She's seen some (but not a lot) of damage here and there over the years, riding around town, and it is starting to sink in that, in a split second, everything, including us, could be gone.

So we cheerfully put on our helmets, got under pillows and blankets in our hallway (our safe place) and kept our eyes glued to the iPad screen while we watched the broadcast. Tears were shed when AJ had to use the bathroom - she did not realize that her bathroom is part of our safe place, too. I had to accompany her, and she was fine in a few minutes, but it was just hard to hear her ask, "Is it OK if I just pee in my pants?"

Sometimes, we need things that can make us feel safer, like helmets and weather alerts. Sometimes, we just need our mom and dad. In our case, we had all of those things, and we were as safe as we could possibly be.

I will admit that, although we have basic things like flashlights, candles, matches, lighters and some food in our pantry and some portable grills in our closet, we don't have a completely fleshed out emergency kit. But recent research at UAB has indicated that helmets help save lives or at least prevent serious head injury, so we visited the thrift store and invested in some inexpensive helmets to give us a little help in this area.

I hope your 2016 does not require a helmet, but get one, in case it does.


Annie Gallitz said...

this post broke my heart; aj , so frightened..... so terrified she thinks she is about to die; Yes!that is exactly what she is thinking! what is the next step, after she figures out from photos and news reports, that the only safe place is underground== a basement.,,,, that whole houses... even safe corridors... can be blown away ???? i say , nothing is more important than her safety AND her peace of mind ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Laura Gallitz said...

Houses with basements also get blown away by tornadoes. She's pretty safe most of the time. We do the best we can.

Annie Gallitz said...
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Annie Gallitz said...

Since 1950. Alabama has been #1 in the country for F4 and F5 tornadoes during Thanksgiving week, and # 2 for same EF rating for December/Christmas week tornadoes. In your state, Jefferson Co, is second in # of occurrences, Places I recognize names of include: Bessemer, Mountain Brook, Irondale. Urban tornadoes have hit Birmingham.There is statistical evidence which shows that tornadoes do indeed occur in mountainous areas, especially leeward sides of mountains,( I am hoping that I am reporting these stats correctly as I am relying on memory. I googled " Alabama Tornadoes ". )Bottom line: STATISTICALLY< your terrain does seem to offer SOME protection from tornado hits, But, this remains a gamble , because of the unpredictability of these storms.only you can decide if these stats offer you enough peace of mind to stay put. I am NOT trying to start something here w/you. I looked up these sites to educate MYSELF about tornadoes in your area.AND,you need to hear THIS, loud and clear from me : I Believe that your ENTIRE being , and your entire vital force are directed toward Anna June and her welfare. I THINK THAT YOU ARE a WONDERFUL MOM , AND I TRUST YOU !!!!!!!!!!!I was deeply upset at the level of AJ's distress.I Know that these types of childhood traumas become part of the fabric of who we are as adults. I know you are there to help her process this all. i guess that my bottom line is ; if

i had the means to alleviate any worry that AJ experiences. I would take that under consideration, not merely say /no/ to it because of subjective

reasons. i think too, that based on probability, that you ARE ensuring her safety adequately with your current safety measures. But, nothing is 100 % in, i would move; you would not, i guess the odds are in your favor,and i guess that they are odds i can go with. PLEASE- accept my apologies for writing insensitively re : this topic, before. I do have a great love and regard for you , dear DIL !

p. s . my point initially was, yes , houses w/ basements CAN blow away , but usually, the basements don't. And, hopefully, the inhabs of the house are in the part that doesn't get blown away. and, yes. being in a basement does not guarantee survival --people will die in basements too, get trapped etc.....but are far less likely to die,,,,,,,