Sunday, November 1, 2015

With a Little Help from My Friends (and Family)

I wasn't going to talk more about Anna June's past week, as I've already described some goings-on from school, but I thought I would run down a few things to give you an idea of how insane our week was.

Monday - AJ and I had to stop by the store to pick up some drinks and desserts for her baseball team party. I was a little chagrined that I had to go back grocery shopping after squeezing in a grocery trip on Saturday, but at the last baseball game (the First Invitational Southside Fall Ball Tournament!) another mom asked if I would help out. Previously, I had engaged in discussions about when and where to have the party. I was of the opinion that since we had been practicing on Tuesday nights and playing on Sundays, that we should either have it on the next Tuesday or Sunday, as our calendars could likely accommodate it. The Sunday was the day after the time change, the day after Halloween, the day after the Magic City Classic, and the first day of my second annual NO-vember. I did not want to do it on this particular Sunday, and as much as I hate doing things on weeknights, Tuesday it was. We looked into a nearby place to have the party, but they wanted like $250 for their party room. We could have had fun there without the party room, but the plan was for us to have food, and I didn't want to be eating pizza in a parking lot. We decided to just have the party at the ballpark, on Tuesday night. So I found myself on a Publix run for cokes and cupcakes.

Tuesday - The day of the party, I went out at lunch time for my weekly allergy shot, and it was not only still raining, but it was also chilly. It was in the 50s, and the forecast had been in the 60s. I was mildly freaking out at the prospect of standing in this weather while AJ ran around in the dark getting muddy and hopped up on Oreos. I called Avondale Library, adjacent to the park, to see if we could rent their meeting room. They told me flat out that meeting rooms MUST be reserved 7 days in advance. I was disappointed, but started to think about rescheduling. I checked the forecast, and it was going to rain both Sunday and the following Tuesday, my two preferred days. Panic set in, so I did what every reasonable, educated, resourceful, and poised professional woman does - I called my mom.

She listened to me whine for a minute, and then suggested that I check with Avondale United Methodist Church, across from the library. This idea was brilliant, and I don't know why I didn't think of it myself. I immediately texted my friend Alison, who is the director of the preschool program as well as a board member, and she checked and said they had already set up for a Halloween-themed luncheon for senior adults the next day, but we could use it if we put everything back. I readily agreed and emailed everyone with the subject line in all caps: TEAM PARTY TONIGHT - CHANGE OF VENUE.

It worked extremely well. The kids ran around and had a great time, we had pizza and cupcakes and cookies, and the drinks that had been sitting in the cooler in my car did not go to waste. The coach presented the trophies and made nice speeches about all the kids, including saying Anna June has "the most hustle on the team," and a "quiet confidence" that was an asset on the team. I am glad she had such a great season, but I am also glad that it's done. I am so, so grateful to my friends at the church for letting us use their facilities and I am glad that closure has been achieved.

Wednesday - besides being Anti-Bullying Rally week, it was "Avondale Goes Pink" day, for breast cancer awareness. Many schools were doing this, which I don't necessarily agree with. I don't think Pre-K kids, for example, need to be "aware" of breast cancer in a school setting. It is likely that they have been or will soon be plenty aware of the disease when someone in their life gets a diagnosis. But AJ looked cute in her pink Brewers shirt.

It was a crazy day, where I had to do things like re-do a report that was based on incorrect information that a colleague had given me. I had lunch with a friend. I picked up another friend's kids from school. We're all in this together, I was reminded. Sometimes I get to be the giver, but so many more times, I get to be the recipient.

It was my brother Drew's birthday, and he called when we were on our way home to invite us to dinner at Paramount, a restaurant and bar downtown. As it turns out, on Wednesdays, they have free skeeball. Happy birthday, Uncle Drew! When AJ didn't want to get up for school the next day, I told her she had to stop going out to bars so late at night. :)

Thursday - The day I called in a favor to the principal. (or emailed, actually). The PTA is having a bake sale on Tuesday, and it occurred to me that no fliers had gone home to parents about it, and the kids did not have school on Friday. With a quick email and a responsive staff, the kids had the flier in their backpacks that afternoon. Whew! Thanks Mrs. Nelson!

Also, it was date night at last. AJ visited her friend Lily's house for a Halloween party. She was Iron Man for Halloween, but decided to revive her witch's costume from a couple of years ago. We had a good time and AJ enjoyed hanging out with her friends.  Photo courtesy Sylvia Newell via Facebook.\

Friday - Teacher Work Day. It's my least favorite holiday. The teachers were working - I actually had to go to the school even though school was closed. The work of a volunteer is never done. I had been trying to meet with a teacher to do a project but we never could get it together, until that particular day, when my boss was out of the country and she didn't have a class to teach. We got it accomplished on my "lunch break." AJ spent the day with Aunt Beth and Thomas. It was such a blessing. I was able to get a bunch accomplished and organized at work and AJ finished reading her book, played with Thomas, had lunch at Rusty's, went to the park in Leeds, where there is a legendary (and kind of scary) slide. Believe it or not, we had never taken her there, so it was a fun change of pace. She was taking a nap (!) when I went to pick her up.

Saturday - Halloween. There are more posts forthcoming about the big day, but the short version is that it rained, a lot. Iron Man was well-received but soaked.

Sunday - The time change didn't register with our internal clocks, and we got up at the usual time. I may change the name "Sunday" to "Laundry Day." Besides doing laundry, I made some chili that wasn't that great and did dishes. I must have done other stuff, too, because I made it to 10,000 steps! Actually, we went to the mall to buy AJ some more sneakers, because after 3 months of daily wear, hers were starting to fall apart. We ate a lot of candy, after AJ divided her stash into a container for just herself and one that we're welcome to eat or give away, which is surprisingly large.

That was (most of) our week. I never would have made it without all the help from the good folks in my village!


Annie Gallitz said...

That is an INSANE WEEK !!!Good job on re-routing the base ball party!That IS exactly what professionals do when stymied; they know to conference it !! I never knew that AJ was a witch for a Halloween!Too cute to be a witch !!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I will try to do a retrospective of AJ's past Halloween costumes. Some years I am better at blogging than others.