Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Review: No-Vember, Week 2

Anna June got her school picture proofs in. This year, they're going to publish a yearbook for her school, which is something they haven't done in many years. I flipped all the way out when I found out we'd miss school picture day, but the principal and AJ's teacher quickly assured me there would be a make-up day. Even though AJ almost missed the make-up session, too, the principal made sure that AJ got her picture made - she knew how much I did NOT want it to say "no photo available" in AJ's first yearbook!

Anna June had a pretty good weekend, all things considered. Here's the rundown.

On Friday, AJ's teacher got in touch with us to let us know AJ had a tummy ache. There were some emails back and forth, but eventually, AJ wanted us to come get her from school. This was harder than it sounds, because it just so happens that Ben's car was at the dealership (stuck charging door) and I had dropped it off. In other words, I had taken a cab from the dealership downtown to my office, and at the moment, had no car. Fortunately, I was having lunch downtown with friends and they were nice enough to pick me up at work and take me to the dealership afterwards. (Thanks Chris and Peggy!) Also fortunately, they had replaced the part and the car was ready.

Then I called my supervisor from the car, asking her to change my electronic time sheet (already entered and approved) and postpone my long-planned office kitchen cleanup party. We'll reschedule another day. AJ needed me.

We eventually got home and, relaxed and relieved, AJ started feeling better almost immediately. She did not have a fever or vomit. I still don't know the exact cause of the stomach ache, why she didn't want to go to the nurse's office, why a stomach ache warrants being sent home from school, or if she was trying to get out of something, but one way or the other, she was fine once she changed clothes, rested, hydrated, and watched a lot of TV. By dinner she felt, "great" and "normal" so we carried on with our regularly scheduled life.We watched The Master of Disguise, which was probably the worst movie we've ever seen, although AJ enjoyed it as a fan of Dana Carvey, and also because she is seven.

With that behind us, on Saturday we did some things around the house. For some reason, earning "points" makes AJ more likely to help, so I gave her tons of points (keeping a tally on her chalkboard) for helping me with laundry, dishes, straightening up, pet care duties, trash removal, and leaf raking. The middle of the day was more restful, throwing in some laundry, lunch and a Target run. After that, we went to Bargain Hunt to get AJ a more appropriate bike helmet and then to Crestwood Park to ride her bike. Riding fast enough to get up the hill all at once stresses AJ out. But as she gets more practice, hopefully she'll be conquering the hill better and become more confident. Ideally, one would learn to ride a bike on a long straight stretch of pavement, but there are none of those here, and AJ has had to learn not only riding but also steering into curves, which is proving difficult.

After a bath, AJ was very ready for the next part of her day: Nana's house! She was very excited to go over and spend the night because Wesley was also going to be there! She was evidently a huge help and had a lot of fun. In the meantime, we went out to an early dinner, went shopping for towels but came home and ordered them online for cheaper, watched coverage of the Paris attacks, Parenthood, and more TV with lots of swear words, knowing that Radar will not likely repeat them.

Sunday brought some more rest, as well as grocery shopping, more laundry including ironing school uniforms, a Skype session, and buying some new dress shoes for AJ. She has lots of pairs she hasn't quite grown into yet, but could not keep her main pair of black flats on her feet no matter what I did. So now she has new shoes. We had dinner at Rusty's and AJ got to bed almost exactly on time, after "Scrub Down Sunday," which is where I actually bathe her. She's perfectly capable of bathing herself, but doesn't always do a thorough job - she's the queen of the 60 second shower. Once per week, I take the time to bathe her myself, including washing and conditioning her hair, and I usually clean out her ears, trim her nails if necessary, and even help her floss and sometimes brush her teeth. So for an hour or so a week, I feel like she's really clean.

So far, the idea of NO-vember has been going well. We haven't been doing too many unnecessary things. We've been saying "No" a lot. In fact, at Ross, when she asked to buy a toy after buying shoes, I said "no," asking her to instead choose what she thinks she'd like to play with, as Christmas is coming soon and everyone will be asking me what she wants as a gift! It was the same "no" I gave her at Target when she wanted to buy books (although, PS, I didn't want to discourage her from buying a book)! Although there are still a lot of things I end up having to do (PTA, work, etc.) there are other things I am bowing out of, with the principle that we need this month to recharge after a crazy October and an upcoming madhouse December.


Annie Gallitz said...

Such a sweet faced girl!!!!! VERY nice school pictures. I like #'s 1 and two, in that order. How about you guys? (...and, do I get one ??) :)

Laura Gallitz said...

I like #1. We haven't ordered yet, but we plan to, and we plan to give you one. Which size would you like?

Annie Gallitz said...

Are you guys home sick today? I seem to have some in the (approx).4x6" size which I like. Also, Can I get a small one for my wallet??? I can chip in.......

Laura Gallitz said...

We will get you a 4x6 and a wallet - no need to chip in. AJ is home sick with her dad (who is working from home). Day two of virus.