Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Watch Me

Anna June and her friends at school have been immersed in the latest dance craze - the "Whip/Nae Nae." Evidently, this young man with only one name, Silento, has become this generation's pop star that has an entire song of calling out different dance moves that you're supposed to do. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the song just isn't very good. Give me "Land of 1,000 Dances" any day.

Here is Silento and his song "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)"

Seriously, watch the video. You'll get it. And then you'll go back and listen to Wilson Pickett again, because good music doesn't usually begin with the singer repeating his own name many times at the beginning of the song.

This school year, the school district at their summer "Institute" for teachers right before school started had everyone dancing along as sort of a bonding ritual. Then, on the first day of school, AJ's principal did it at an assembly. She told the parents they could stay as long as they danced. At the time, I had not heard of this at all, and I tried to capture it on video. It didn't work - I was too far back and the sound quality was poor.
Here's 45 seconds of it anyway - hint: AJ is not in this video.

20150805_081930.mp4 from SRG on Vimeo.

AJ was embarrassed and glad I finally went back to work, as I tried to follow along and dance a little after I turned the camera off.

At AJ's "Lights On After School" program, the younger kids performed the dance. AJ isn't one of the younger kids anymore, so I didn't feel obligated to videotape it. (Aren't you glad?)

It has been a legitimate craze. A teacher in North Alabama had so many kids asking to do the dance in PE that he crafted an aerobics routine to go with the dance. You can find it here.  There was talk of getting AJ's PE teacher to try it out, too. And some moms in Trussville incorporated it into a dance routine for a pep rally, making me really glad we're not involved in football anywhere. 

Soon, Ben decided that AJ would probably like the Macarena better, so they watched a tutorial on YouTube and now she can do it like a pro. Believe it or not, I find the 90's hit song less annoying.

In the long run, whatever gets you up and moving is worthy, and the lyrics and moves seem age-appropriate, which is helpful, although I don't truly give my blessing to something that asks me to "do the stanky leg."

We've had a LOT of rain here recently, and one of the moms in PTA just posted this to our facebook page:


The dance is growing on me, but honestly, this is more my speed.

(T-shirt pic source)


Annie Gallitz said...

I actually looked this up on u-tube, after you referenced it. I thought it was pretty cute, actually, much less annoying than the "Macarena".There is no way of telling , of course, but Silento seems to be an enngaging young man. ANd yes, I have tried the moves, ANd it weren't pretty!

Laura Gallitz said...

I'm pretty sure I dislike it because there's no discernible melody.