Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Anna June brings home gems every single day, and I feel like I should just post all of her school work and all of her artwork all the time, because if you stop and think about it, it is all so precious.

But she would be embarrassed and I would not have any time to do anything else, so instead, I have piles of things all over the house (and sometimes, car, office, etc.) that I want to write about and/or show off.

I am dealing with my issues a little at a time, I promise.

I borrowed the office scanner for a minute and got a few things to post.

The first thing did not turn out, so I'm not even showing it. It was a snowflake, which AJ cut out of plain white paper. I didn't attach it to a darker background, so it blended in to the copier background. Like, you know, actual snow. But I'm telling you about it because AJ, given some paper and scissors, will make a snowflake in the middle of the summer. She loves them. I love her creations, because, like real snowflakes, they are all unique.

While it's too late for last year and too early for next year, I found this holiday greeting:

In this interesting drawing, "Tornado vs. Peanut," um, a tornado goes against a peanut. There's "Team Slow A Little Faster" and "Team Fast Much Faster." I honestly have no idea what to make of it. But you can tell the peanut is a peanut and the tornado is a tornado. Obviously.

Finally, there is the book that she made in After School Care, "Six Steps to Smarter Studying."

As she was allegedly copying down these tips, it looks like we have a lot of work to do before the spelling bee.

Oh, and speaking of spelling bees, AJ won her classroom spelling bee last Thursday. They used their weekly spelling words, and, when those ran out, went back several weeks to use older ones. AJ prevailed and she got two prizes. The first one was that she did not have to take the spelling test, as she had demonstrated knowledge of those 15 words already. The second one she was really excited about: she got to call out the words for the spelling test the other kids were taking. She even got to make up the example sentences on the spot, like when the word was "feel" and she said, "I do not feel well." Although I believe she did feel well. It was literally the thought of calling the test that got her out of bed on Friday morning. Maybe she will become a teacher one day like her Aunt Kym or Aunt Liz!


Annie Gallitz said...

I LOVE her story about the Peanut and the Tornado.( ? ? ? ) I would give anything to understand that picture ! (What an interesting kid !) Tell AJ that if she is ever so inclined, if she wants to make me some snowflakes, I will use them for part of my winter decorations. That is so GREAT about the spelling bee. Now , THERE is a a teacher who has picked an appropriate and amazing reward!! One that truly affords its own motivation AND teaching inherent in the reward. Yes -- it will be exciting to see what AJ will finally settle on; but this reward is genius: you never can tell what experience will prove to be the igniter for her!

Laura Gallitz said...

Yeah, I really have no idea about the peanut and tornado thing. I think she was just doodling and went with it.

We will try to get you some snowflakes.

AJ loves her teacher. She said she should be in the "teacher hall of fame."