Monday, November 2, 2015

Stitch Fix - My Second Fix

Anna June looked at me a little crazy when I was excited for my Stitch Fix box.

I was excited despite only keeping one of the 5 things in my last box.

I shouldn't have been so excited.

Evidently, my stylist who I felt really understood the types of things I liked, Michelle, has been replaced with Heidi, who still gets me, but not as much.

Granted, I have a LOT of restrictions. I am way pickier than most people, and I realize that. That is why I signed up for the service: so someone else would have to try to find something for me to wear, because I clearly make myself crazy with all my lists of preferences. Here's my review of what was in my box.

Let's start with the first piece, the "Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser." I looked at these with trepidation, considering the last pants were too small, but they actually fit! They looked good, too! But they were $98. If I'm going to pay $98 for pants, they better cover up my entire leg. Also, they have to be able to go in the dryer, and these could not. Sending back. However, it does make me want to look in to the ankle pants trend again, even though so far I haven't found any to be super flattering.

The second piece is the "Crescent Wameda Crochet Hem Top" I really liked this color and that it was kind of flow-y, so it hid a lot of flaws. But it was $54, so I decided to skip it. Also - could not go in the dryer.  Sending back.

The third piece was the "Loveappella Nelli Knit Top" also at $54.

I tried it on here with the black pants, which I obviously wouldn't wear with them. I like navy, and I liked the gray details - it would probably look OK with blue or gray jeans. But it also could not go in the dryer, and it just wasn't doing me any favors. Sending back.

The fourth piece was the "Papermoon Kasidy Geo Print Skirt" for $58. It was adorable, but I couldn't get it on. Sending back. Didn't even photograph. But it does make me think I need a skirt in an interesting print.

The fifth piece was the "Crescent Patton Cut Out Back Top."
In this picture, it's not that flattering, right? Kind of looks like a maternity smock. But, if you take a closer look...

It has polka dots.

But the real reason to keep it is the back:

Obviously, I have no idea how to photograph myself, but if you can see in the mirror, it has this cutout that doesn't even reveal my bra. It is so pretty! I have to say, too, that my back has really great skin and I don't show it off enough. This top is good color combo (black and white) for my pale skin.

Cons - it can't go in the dryer! I will try to remember to wash it carefully and hang it to dry. It is just so hard, though. It was $48, so it was the cheapest thing in the box. Also, if I didn't keep SOMETHING then I would lose my $20 styling fee. So, this was the best outcome of the box.

I will keep leaving feedback that busy moms like to dump clothes in the washer and dryer, and not have to take special care of things. In the meantime, I will try to pin things that are more like what I will actually wear in my real life so my stylist, whomever he/she is, will know that I'm trying to be as stylish as possible while still being practical.

If I haven't scared you off and you want to try Stitch Fix, here is my referral link. If you have an order shipped to you, I get a credit. In case it wasn't clear, this is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are mine. :)


Annie Gallitz said...

The back of That blouse is SUPER cute!! How long before you open a box w. only polka dot things in it ?? Some body at Stitch Fix is going," Hey! I've got a lady here that will buy anything with polka dots!" But, over all, I think that your consultant needs to step up their game a little, don't you think ? Those choices were a bit boring . ( sorry !) ( unless that was what you had ASKED for >black pants and some tops?? >>)


Laura Gallitz said...

I do really like the back of the blouse! It gives it some air conditioning, too, which is nice since it hasn't really cooled down for fall yet.

I should update my Pinterest board to reflect something other than polka dots, so the stylist can see I don't wear them every day. But yes, an all polka dot box would be more exciting than what they sent me. I agree the choices were not as exciting as the last one. I didn't ask for black pants, because I already have a pair, but maybe because I have pinned lots of pictures with black pants they thought I needed some. I pretty much have black, brown, khaki and gray pants (and some jeans) so I go for more interesting tops (usually with prints) to pair with them.

We'll see what happens in January. In the meantime, I have plenty of clothes and plenty of other things to focus on!

Liz said...

You might want to try trunk club - it's free and they send you 15 items. You just pay for what you keep. Some items are pricier, but you talk with the same stylist. Let me know if you want me to send your info to "my guy" there!