Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween - Epilogue

The day after Halloween, our next door neighbor was sad because he hadn't made it home in time for AJ to trick-or-treat at his house. Also, he had bought cookie dough for the school fundraiser and we needed to deliver it. So on Sunday night, with her Iron Man costume still wet, AJ dressed up like a ghost (last year's costume) and headed next door.

This is her seriously scary ghost costume.

AJ got a feather boa, a solar-powered flower, and a Mermaid activity book.

Thanks, Matthew!


Annie Gallitz said...

Yah... I never liked that ghost costume ! EVIL LOOKING!I'm glad that every one got to see her that did , and that wanted to. ( hope that your grandfather is feeling better!!) I liked all of the doll costumes!! Did you guys carve a pumpkin this year ? TOO BAD about the rain remember when we were little and would go trick or treating at NOC, and there were years when we would be wearing our winter coats over our costumes. (speaking of which, I have already had to scrape my windshield of my car w / the ice scraper several times this year so far.....) I have taken the dogs for a walk at Lapham Peak twice this autumn, on BEAUTIFUL days !! They came back w/ ticks , both times. ! We'll have to have a picnic there some day when you guys come up; Or , at the park next to the MIlitary Academy; CUSHING PARK !!!! i just remembered the name)

Laura Gallitz said...

We did not carve a pumpkin this year - the pumpkin book report was all I could handle.

The rain was kind of a bummer, but we decided to brave it because it was just water. If it had been a thunderstorm, hail, snow (ha!), or sleet, we would have skipped out.

Usually, I can predict the weather by the costume we choose. If the costume is nice and cozy, we will be experiencing a heat wave. If the costume is paper thin, the weather will be freezing.

Sorry it has been so cold already in WI. The temperatures are dipping now so people who like wearing sweaters, scarves, and boots have been very excited.

Ticks are no joke. Please be careful - someone at work I know got Lyme disease and it was not at all fun.

We'd love to have a picnic sometime - we'll have to start thinking about our travel and schedules for summer.