Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween 2015: Part 2

Anna June is brave and strong. She also kind of likes to play in the rain. So when the forecast for Halloween night was bleak, we didn't blink. We just got the umbrella out.

We had been more or less relaxing around the house for the afternoon. AJ had fun playing with her baby dolls, changing all their clothes so that they could all, too, be dressed up for Halloween.

The dolls are dressed as: cowgirl, fairy, cheerleader, bride, farmer, and sailor.

 Around 4:00, Iron Man Anna June went over to Nana's for stop #1. After a short visit, we went down to Aunt Connie and Uncle Tim's for stop #2 and a visit there. They told us Granddaddy Jerome wasn't feeling awesome, so we decided not to go over there. Sorry, Granddaddy!

On our way home, we thought we'd stop by a few houses that had the Greater Crestwood "Trick or Treat" signs in the yard. Since the neighbors had taken the extra step of being charitable and proactive in saying they wanted trick-or-treaters, we decided to make new friends, including one next door to Nana and one a couple houses up.

It had started raining in earnest, but we thought of all the lovely neighbors at our block party who had once again asked AJ specifically what kind of candy she liked, and how we were going to miss them all if we didn't make it, so we decided to be brave and hike up the hill. Our neighbors that were home were delighted to see her. They loved her cool costume. They were glad to have a visitor, and they showed their appreciation by putting handfuls of candy in her bucket.

We made it up the street and halfway down the next one when we decided to head back to the house, and hit the lower part of the street in the car on the way to Rusty's. We needed to eat dinner, primarily, but we also wanted to make it to the Trunk-or-Treat that the car club that meets there was having. They had backed up to the shopping center, so they were covered from the rain, but their car displays were disappointing, to be honest, mostly because of the weather. But inside Rusty's, we were warm and dry (and AJ changed out of her costume into dry clothes)!

And we got to see Thomas, who was a chef. And Rusty, who was Zorro.

Here's a picture of her stash - I think she made out alright.


Annie Gallitz said...

WAsn't Thomas cute!! REally----Being Rustys' little boy, what else could he have been??? How about Patricks little ones ?????

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, Thomas is pretty adorable, just like his dad was as a kid. (Although from pictures, he looks like his mama, too.)

And Wesley and Nathan were a policeman and jailbird - we didn't get to see them dressed up in person but the photo was cute. I will have to locate and post if it is OK.