Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2015: Part 1

Anna June has been begging for a while for us to run a 5K or at least a Fun Run. Our opportunity came along when we heard about the 2-mile "Family Ghost Run" on Halloween morning at UAB to benefit the Maryann Manning Family Literacy Center. There was even a celebrity guest, Noah Galloway, who has been on Dancing with the Stars.

The late Dr. Manning was the mother of one of my schoolmates from Altamont. Although I didn't know her more than in passing, her reputation among the education world was tremendous. When I heard about the run as a way to generate some funding for the new center, I thought it was a good idea.

But then, Community Education South (that department that's being closed) offered a free week of After School Care Tuition to families who participated. A week of tuition is more than the registration fee, so we were basically being paid to participate.

I told AJ that I wouldn't be running the whole time, and I was right. Ben ran to keep up with her and we all completed the two-mile (miraculously flat) course.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Although it is not cold today, it was cold that morning. We were dressed to run, and did not bring jackets. Who wants to lug a jacket around for 2 miles? AJ was not pleased at being up so early or being so cold. We also decided not to wear costumes, as we were going for comfort. Our orange t-shirts came in handy, though - thanks Aunt Connie and Granny!

 You can see she is huddling with me for warmth.

I asked a nearby kid to snap our picture. Because my eyes aren't all the way open, I wasn't going to share, but AJ's expression is pretty priceless.

I didn't take any photos while we were running (my phone was strapped to my arm!) but afterwards, I got some decent ones:

Our friend and Community Education South director, Gail Smith, took this one. Evidently I was still talking.

UAB students were taking blood pressure and handing out bananas and water. We took advantage of all of that. PS - Our blood pressure was fine, even after exertion.

AJ ran into her day camp counselor, Ms. Ashley, who is graduating soon and most likely won't be on campus this summer. 

AJ played a bean bag toss game.

They played the "Whip/Nae Nae" song and I think this is AJ doing the "break your legs" part.

AJ and her pal Naomi from Avondale.

It was a great, dry, candy-free start to our day.


Annie Gallitz said...

I have NO IDEA what a " Whip nae-nae " is! Sounds dangerous( calling for the breaking of ones legs ??!!)I m am so glad --and VERY impressed that you all did this run/ walk . SO, how far did AJ actually run, and SHenandoah too ?? I would have been walking it w/ you !! TOO bad it was so cold for you guys....makes it a little miserable for you. SOunds like a really worthy cause.

Laura Gallitz said...

I will have to write a separate post about the "Whip/Nae Nae," the ridiculous dance craze that is sweeping the nation.

I didn't monitor distance on running vs. walking for either of us, but they finished a couple of blocks before I did, which would have been closer except I was stopped when an ambulance was passing by.

It was not that cold (in the 50s), especially when we were running. The UAB Police opened the building we were standing next to so we could go in and get warm, and others could use the restrooms. We survived!