Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fun at Home

Anna June has spent a lot of time at home in the past few days. She had the whole week off for Thanksgiving and was sick the 2 days before the break. We've had some time to go places and do things, but there's been lots of time around the house.

One source we turned to for things to do was our Box of Fun. Recently, she pulled out "Go on a treasure hunt." I made her wait for several days, and then, last Saturday (11/21), I woke her up and told her that the treasure hunt was ready for her. 

These are the clues I gave her:

1. Go to the place where sweet treats stay. (The next clue was in her candy box.)
2. Washing a load of towels will help you get to the bottom of things. (The next clue was in the laundry sorter under the towels.)
3. If someone asks you a lot of hard questions, it is called getting grilled. (The next clue was in the grill outside.)
4. A map of the world will help you shed light on your next clue. (The next clue was taped inside the lampshade in the den, which looks like world maps.)
5. Doing this will help you make a clean getaway. (The next clue was under the bubble bath.)
6. Helen of Troy was the most beautiful woman in mythology. (The next clue was under her doll, Helen.)
7. Sometimes Mom likes to read in the bathroom. (The next clue was tucked in to one of the many magazines in our bathroom.)
8. I don't gnome what the next clue should be. (The next clue was on the front porch in the gnome home.)
9. Old family pictures don't show anything about treasure hunts. (The next clue was in the photo album that Granny made.)
10. You're my little love muffin. (The treasure was in the muffin tin in the drawer under the stove.)

The treasure was a $5 bill, and this note:

We had just seen the movie National Treasure the night before. I thought it was fitting!

Today, she asked to pull from the box again, and "Let your child give you a makeover using your makeup - this will be hilarious!" So this was our activity this afternoon.

First, I washed off the makeup I had on already. 

Then, she carefully applied my makeup, asking me questions about the order and techniques to use. Eventually, this is how I ended up.

I thought it was not bad! It was fun and funny. Ben's response was, "Kill it!"


Judy said...

She really did a good job with your makeover. Tell Ben that you should keep it.

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! I thought it was a pretty good job!

Annie Gallitz said...

Nonny and I used to 'play'this when she was young... Nonny LOVED THIS, and I can tell you that AJ has got a more deft hand , and better control of her small muscles-- as well as a better aesthetic sense of what looks good , than Nonny did ! I used to just SCREAM when i would look in the mirror at the final product !! ( Shenandoah is just plain NAUGHTY ! )

Annie Gallitz said...

Your Treasure hunt was EXCELLENT !! I bet that she loved it !!! ( you put me to shame ). I thought that your tie -in w/ that movie was brilliant ! ( LOVE that movie! Was AJ able to follow it well ?? )

Laura Gallitz said...

I remembered that Nonny had done this with you, and actually, I didn't really want to do it. But we pulled it from the box, so we had to! :) First of all, AJ is seven and a half, so she has pretty good dexterity. It's likely Nonny was younger. Secondly, the slip of paper we pulled out said, "This is HILARIOUS!" so AJ told me she knew that meant it was supposed to be fun and funny and not perfect, so I think she had fun with it. There was no way I was going to scream. Finally, we used my makeup bag per the instructions, so there was only makeup that was flattering to my skin tone. The mascara turned out messy but it often turns out messy when I do it! Ben does not like my red lipstick, so he would have possibly had the same reaction if I had done my own makeup.

As far as the treasure hunt, AJ had been really excited about it for a long time, so I tried to live up to the hype. AJ didn't love the movie (although it was my second time seeing it). Watching the movie was more of a happy coincidence than brilliant scheme, although it did prompt her to bug me again that I was never going to make a treasure hunt for her, even though we had pulled it out of the box more than a week prior. She followed the hunt pretty well, but had to ask a bunch of questions and got a lot of hints. It made more sense to me in the middle of the night when I wrote it, but evidently some of my hiding places were too good.