Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Five Things I've Been Meaning to Post

Well, Anna June is enjoying her week off of school for Thanksgiving break. I'm getting a bit of a break at work, as people are out, so I'm working and catching up on all sorts of things.


Before we get to Thanksgiving, there's one more photo from Halloween I wanted to post:

(Photo courtesy Liz Tucker)

Maybe next year we can coordinate to see ALL my nephews on Halloween, but instead, this picture did just fine. My word, they are adorable.

The Dog Ate My Awards

At the end of first grade, Anna June's school had an awards day assembly for the grade. Each teacher presented students with special awards. AJ got a certificate for having "A Honor Roll" all year. She got a certificate for having won 2nd Place in the Spelling Bee for K-2. The teacher included this sweet poem:

I am glad I was your teacher
I have come to love you so.
I cannot believe the end is here.
I hate to see you go.
You are such a star
And I love you so dearly.
You light up my life
I mean that sincerely.
Remember all the fun we had
In all the things we did.
But, most of all remember...
You are a very special kid
And in my heart you will always be

Most importantly, her teacher created a "M&Ms Award" for being a "MARVELOUS and MAGNIFICENT" student, complete with a fun-size bag of M&Ms.

I am not really sure what we were doing at the end of May and why the plastic pouch containing all of these things ended up in the floor of my bedroom, but there they were for a few days, and Radar noticed it. I caught him under the bed, having eaten the corner of the pouch and all the documents, and of course, the entire fun-size bag of M&Ms.

He was unharmed by both the chocolate and the paper, both non-preferred food items for dogs. AJ received replacement candy -  I am sure of it.

Cow Zones

Another First Grade story:

On one particular day, I decided that I needed to wash a load of white clothes. As I was busy and did not trust my memory, I asked AJ to make me a note saying to remember to wash the whites.

I don't know why she didn't find a post-it as I had envisioned, but instead, returned with a large piece of paper, on it written:

"Was the White's crasily with cow zone's Check out our wedsite at"

What in the heck?

"Wash the White's" I can understand, as that's what I asked her to do. I can live with a mistake in possessive vs. plural for a first grader (but I am not letting any adults off the hook).

"Crasily"  = Crazily. I get it.

"With Cow Zones" made me shake my head. I had no idea what a cow zone was. A farm? I had to ask. She told me it was food.

Evidently, she thought we'd been saying "cow zones" this whole time instead of "calzones." My word.

Incidentally, I think that Cow Zones is a great name for a fast food Italian place, emphasizing fresh cheese made with real milk. It would be a great business opportunity for someone! Think of it - you could even franchise!

Also incidentally, AJ knows how to make her lower-case "b" not be a "d" consistently now.

Further, I think that a wedding website called The Wed Site would be genius - someone should get on that, too, if the Italian place doesn't work out.

I loved this note and left it on the laundry closet door for months.


On a recent trip to the library, our librarian gave AJ her picture from the end-of-summer-reading carnival. Evidently, we did not stick around for it to be printed. What a nice surprise!

PS - That's not a scratch on AJ's arm. It is a dog hair that clung to the photo while scanning.


Finally, I want to say thank you. Pretend that the lovely stationery above is my thoughtful handwritten note to you, even though it was a heartfelt note from Annie several months ago, enclosed with a gift for which I have probably not thanked her. Which brings me to my point: I forget to say thank you. I am so incredibly blessed by a wonderful family and exceptional group of friends. I'm blessed with a fantastic work group and hardworking volunteer colleagues. I could not ask for more. I hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving and that you feel thankful for all that you have, tangible and intangible.

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Annie Gallitz said...

I LOVED this whole post!! First off, Wesley and Nathan are HILARIOUS! Wesley looks like a drunken cop, and Nathan looks like he's thinking that the wrong man is locked up ! I thought that the whole concept behind these costumes was brilliant !!! The whole story of the 'cow zones ' was too , too much!!( Golla mooga!)(" half a pond of soody pod?" That is as close as I can recall Joettas' mis-apprehension!! Do you remember, Shenandoah ?? ) Any how, I had to stop and look up the pronunciation of "calzones" in order to understand the whole story, as I have always thought that it was called " cal zon EES" ; you know, rhyming with Cahon,..........well, the Mexican way of referring to someones ' manhood '.At any rate, I am SET STRAIGHT!! AND, besides the very comical misunderstanding, It is a great story about the quirky imagination and sense of humor of Anna June!! I LOVE THAT GIRL !! I envy you living daily with that mind of hers!! I am also EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO BE HER GRANNY!! SO, THANK YOU, Laura, for daily including me in her life, via this blog! It means SO MUCH to me , more than you will ever Know !! ( which takes us to the last part of the post ! ) I too love that stationary, which was a gift from Nonny; for some reason ( ?) she seems to feel I am a Queen bee , or ACT like a queen bee .What can I say? It's GOOD TO BE QUEEN !!) also, loved the photo from the Library, with the mask. She looks like a natural born super hero! SEE YA !!