Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stitch Fix - My First Fix

Anna June has a great wardrobe, and everything seems to fit. She has clothes for every occasion and wears them with style.

Although I do have a lot of clothes, I don't love everything. I shop online sometimes, with mixed results. I have a great fashionista friend, Michele, who helps me when I need it, but I don't often ask.

Enter Stitch Fix, a fashion delivery service that takes your preferences into account and sends you 5 pieces each time. You can keep what you want and send the rest back, paying a $20 fee per transaction that can be applied to the price of the pieces you keep.

I filled out a survey about what my preferences are and what types of activities I do, entering my sizes and other information. You can enter a link to your Pinterest board. Mine is called "Imaginary Outfits." It's like sending someone magazine clippings with sticky notes.

When I got my first Fix, I felt like my stylist, Michelle, "got" me.

Here's my review:

Let's start with the loser:
The gray jeans. (Level 99: Giovanni Straight Leg Jean)

This is my fault. I really, really wanted Stitch Fix in general to work for me. They go up to size 14. Sometimes, I can wear a 14, but not every time. Evidently, there are other services for plus size fashion, but Stitch Fix does not at this time cater to larger women. I could not get into these jeans at all. AND they were $98. Luckily, I have a pair of gray jeans from Zulily.

Closer, but no cigar:
The gray and white top (Papermoon: Holden Top)

I liked this top's material, even though it was wrinkled in the package. But when I saw the dreaded "hand wash" directions, it went in the send back pile. Our lifestyle needs clothing that can ALL be tossed in the hamper, the washer, and the dryer until I eventually put it away. Every weekend I wash "delicates" on the "hand-wash" setting in my washing machine. I hang them to dry on the shower curtain rod in AJ's bathroom for about 24 hours. Ben comes in to the bathroom and declares, "Your clothes smell like mildew." I say they do not. So hand wash shirt, I don't need you.

Even closer, but I didn't take a picture:
The purple dress (Market & Spruce: Kelsie Dress)

It was sleeveless and flattering. But it also was wrinkled and couldn't go in the dryer. And I already have a purple dress.

So very close:
The statement necklace (Bay to Baubles: Melinda Statement Necklace)

I liked this necklace. But the price was $35. I just couldn't do it, thinking that could buy me half of another dress, and I have costume jewelry pieces. So I sent it back and then, I found a similar one at Payless for $7. Score!

The winner:
The Honeycomb navy dress (Pixley: Millie Textured Dress)

Even though this dress is "hand wash," I made an exception. I liked the color, design, and fit. I really needed a new dress, as my beautiful green dress from Target had met its demise.

I sent this to Michele my friend (not Michelle my Stitch Fix stylist) on Instagram and got her approval, and my pal Bertha agreed. It was $68, $20 of which I had already paid.

The take-home:
Trying on clothes this way was much less awkward than a dressing room. I could really take my time to decide rather than being pressured in-store.

I still think the subscription service is a win. The next one is due at the end of October. Lucky me!

*Updated to include the names of the pieces


Annie Gallitz said...

I was dying to know how this was going!! The dress is DEFINTELY a keeper. ( but not with that type pf necklace. Maybe NO necklace..... it competes with the neckline ) But, I love the style, color , pattern and I think that it is very flattering on you; The price is not too bad, either! But $ 98.00 dollar jeans?? That doesn't exist in my universe!!! I thought that the top was okay too, (probably over -priced as well... ) Are these designer clothes , or big label clothing??? At any rate, this does sound like a tremendous amount of fun !!!!AND, you got a great dress out of it !!! ( ok. how did you kill the green dress ???)

Annie Gallitz said...

ps / RE: AJ in the corner of that one shot--- Does she have a big sore on her chin ??????

Laura Gallitz said...

Thank you! I really do love the navy dress. I love the color and the style ("fit and flare") usually works on me. It has a fine mesh detail at the neck that you can't see well in the picture, which makes it a little fancier.

I agree with you about the necklace and dress combo. I was trying it on with the dress because I couldn't fit in the jeans/top outfit, which I would have worn it with. :)

These clothes seem to be from exclusive labels carried only by Stitch Fix. They are "designer" in the sense that they are made by a designer, but they are not fancy brands that one would recognize. I had never heard of any of the "designers" that showed up in my package. I guess I didn't really understand that part of it, but it makes sense. They'd have to have special deals with other retailers to be able to pull in pieces from there to hand pick.

The prices weren't THAT bad. They give you a discount if you keep all 5 pieces! If they were the most spectacular jeans ever that were comfortable, hid flaws, could go in the washer and dryer, and I didn't have to go shopping for, I MAY have paid that (although Ben may have had a stroke). But those were not meant to be.

The green dress died a sad death. It was bought online from Target and served me well for many occasions. I had ripped the lining, and was thinking of having it repaired, but then the zipper just would not budge. At all. It was not me - it wouldn't zip off of me, either. So it went in the trash, as I deemed it not worth repairing. I have a good seamstress who is never judgmental about the things I take to her (usually cheap to begin with) but I couldn't deal with a rip AND no zip. I have pinned a green dress or two, so maybe my stylist will send me another one that I love.

Laura Gallitz said...

Also, AJ did not have a sore, I don't think. It appears to be lighting and/or a shadow, in addition to the silly face she was making.