Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Anna June made a pumpkin from a coffee filter the other day. She told me that sometimes, she likes to make "seasonal" crafts.

She cited her turkey from last Thanksgiving.

And she mentioned her snowman from last Christmas.

Fittingly, I had to take down the Easter artwork from the fridge to hang the pumpkin.

Happy season!


Annie Gallitz said...

Ah, she is a good crafter! Not the first time she has used coffee filters! And , of course, pumpkins are my autumn favorites!! ( you guys don't even drink coffee , do you ? ! )

Laura Gallitz said...

No, we don't drink coffee! I bought them for work, because either I needed them for when I had to serve coffee or I thought I would need to be able to serve coffee - our office has a pot, but those who drink it just bring their own or brew it in their offices. I brought them home as potential art supplies, and she has really liked playing with them. They frequently become snowflakes, even in summer.

I'm always amazed at her creativity and ability.

I think pumpkins are pretty but I don't like eating them much.