Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkin Book Report

Anna June, in the second grade "advanced" reading group, was asked to do a special project called a Pumpkin Book Report. 

Evidently, this is a thing.  

AJ was having a hard time deciding, so, with some conversations, we hit upon an idea she liked.

This is Fudge, from Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. In one scene, Mr. Hatcher is so furious with 2.5 year old Fudge for not eating, even after Mrs. Hatcher takes him to several doctors and cooks special foods, he tells Fudge, refusing to eat a bowl of cereal, that he will "eat it or wear it," and wear it he does.

I read the scene again while AJ was working on the pumpkin, and it made me laugh out loud, just as it did when I was in elementary school reading it for the first time. Although this time, I was laughing as I could relate more to the frustrated parent with a kid on a hunger strike rather than the exasperated older sibling watching the shenanigans unfold. I mean, I survived being a kid and having three younger brothers, but it has been much more recent that I've had a toddler. And I just stayed with one at the beach, who has certain culinary preferences.

The kids had to bring in a worksheet that listed the title of the book, the author, and the character represented. Then, in class, they had to give a brief speech about their pumpkin and the book.

AJ did all the drawing and coloring, as well as attaching the bowl herself.

I obtained the pumpkin (Aldi) and small bowl (work break room), and used the hot glue (with supervision from Ben), although AJ (mostly) told me where to put the cereal. In the book, the cereal is Corn Flakes, but we had Cap'n Crunch, so that's what we used.

It was also hat day at school, so here she is.

And here's a group photo.

Last two photos via Ms. Mize on the school's Facebook page.


Annie Gallitz said...

OK! I REALLY REALLY liked this project!! It was a GREAT choice, as well as very very cutely executed!! I am so happy that AJ does her own projects ( except for the dangerous parts) can tell that some of the parents did some of those pumpkins. I think that you instinctively know how much help to give her; an important awareness for a parent to have. ( I am afraid that I didn;t do all that well with my own kids! I always know how to raise someone elses kids better than I did my own !!!!!!) Am I insufferable , or what ?!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! I am all for parental involvement, but in the long run, if AJ is not doing the work herself, she's not learning the skills that are meant to be taught. I heard about another school in the district where kids had to build a covered wagon (in 3rd grade). Given the choice, I'd rather stick to pumpkins!