Friday, October 2, 2015

Pinteresting Dinner

Anna June has baseball practice on Tuesdays. We always go out to dinner on those days.

But last week, her coach called an extra practice on a Thursday! He was aiming for a scrimmage game with the other team, but there were not enough kids who could come on such short notice.

Actually, AJ would have been one of them, because there was a PTA Board meeting (called by me to review teacher grant applications, so I couldn't miss it), and a work outing for Ben. So Nana came to the rescue, picked up AJ from school, and got her to practice on time.

I showed up when there was only 10 minutes left of their hour-and-a-half long practice. Nana filled me in.

Anyway, we got home and on the menu was soup and sandwiches. AJ had helped me pick out something from my Pinterest board when we had been planning the menu the weekend before. Undeterred by the late hour, I set out to make grilled cheese and heat up some chicken noodle soup. Good thing we're not on low-sodium diets, but that's another story.

She did her homework while I cut a carrot and a cucumber, and assembled the final product.

The picture we were going off of is here.

I decided our grilled cheese may be a little greasier than our model, but I was determined not to let the cucumber wilt in the produce drawer.

Here is the first one I made, for Anna June:

Here is the second one, for me:

By that point, my iPad screen had turned off, so I cut this one upside down. Also, I was unable to get either the raisins or the cucumbers the same size, so this owl does not look wise - he looks shady.

Either way, I am very proud that with some help from Nana, we got everything done.


Annie Gallitz said...

these are such cute sandwiches!!! WAs AJ expecting these??or , surprised ? Anyway, I bet she LOVED them ,and ate everything !!( What a great mom! And also , a great Nana !)

Hilary said...

Aw, I think the Owls are adorable! Perhaps your owl has been drinking and his lazy eye came out. 😉 said...

Laura, you now are officially Super Mom.

Laura Gallitz said...

Anna June was expecting these, as I let her help me plan the menu. We had saved this picture a long time ago as a project we would want to do but ran across it when looking for dinner ideas. Although the night ended up being much more hectic than originally planned, I didn't want to skip it. I am so glad my mom could help, or else AJ would have been stuck in a meeting with me instead of working on her baseball skills!

Laura Gallitz said...

Hillary, I totally thought my owl may be drunk. :)

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks, Judy! Luckily for me, making cute sandwiches is not expected or required - and it doesn't reflect on the quality of my parenting. But I did want to document that we had discovered, planned, and executed a project. AJ does actually like this kind of thing, and it got her to eat cucumbers, which she doesn't especially love (even though I do)!