Monday, October 26, 2015

Just This Past Week

Anna June is having a crazy, fun, busy, exhausting, exciting, and memorable October.

We are both looking forward to NO-vember starting on Sunday. In the meantime, here are some of our adventures from just this past week.

On Monday 10/19, we re-entered the real world after our family reunion in Grayton Beach, Florida. AJ had missed Friday of school and we missed work to go down for a very short but very special trip. Among the things in AJ's very crowded backpack was her report card - All A's again! We actually already knew this, because Ms. Echols emailed it to us while we were out of town. That's a teacher going above and beyond. We got to brag to the whole family before we had to come back to errands, chores, and work.

On Tuesday the 20th, AJ had her final baseball practice of the season. I also attended the kickoff meeting for the UAB Staff Council. This was exciting to me, because students and faculty currently have university-wide representation, but the staff does not. I attended on behalf of my division and reported back. I am not running for the council but I am glad there is a venue where we can share ideas.

Wednesday was special because school let out early. Through a district-wide initiative, the teachers at each school have regular professional development to keep up with all the new things going on. So after lunch, I went to pick up AJ. I asked her what she'd like to do together for a short amount of time, and she said she'd like to take a walk at Avondale Park, even though we were there less than a day before. The weather was beautiful, so I agreed to a few laps around the pond.
Then, we went to the pediatrician's office for AJ's flu vaccine (FluMist). We didn't get it in August at her annual checkup, because they didn't have the nose spray kind. At least this year I didn't mess up the name. I think I still owe my insurance company a phone call about that.

Our next stop was Trussville. First, and best, we went to Yogurt Mountain. As I posted on Instagram and Facebook, we "had a #BOGO for #froyo at #YOMO, so, well, #YOLO." (If you need a translation in English, I had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for frozen yogurt at Yogurt Mountain, and we decided to go for it, because you only live once.) AJ enjoyed trying "candy laces" as a topping.

Then we got our hair cut. AJ's school picture day was looming and it was looking a little ragged (as mine was) since the last time. AJ's turned out well, with Cindy putting it in a side ponytail for some variety. The jury is still out on mine - I thought that I looked a little like Ramona Quimby, Age 8, when the next day I had not touched it and I hadn't yet put on makeup.

After haircuts we went to Target to return the air mattress we bought on the way to the beach because we said we would bring ours and then remembered en route that we had forgotten it. The good news was we didn't have to use it - the house was so big and well-appointed - so I had to take it back, and of course pick up a few more things. Then we went home and made dinner and did all the usual night time stuff.

En route, though, AJ pointed out that my car was hot. It was in the 80s and the air conditioning just was not getting cold. So on Thursday, I took the car to the dealership, and sure enough, there was a freon leak, and a new tube would be required. It was ordered, and I got my car back. Somewhere in there I got my flu shot - I was a little put out with my doctor's office, who I had called the day before to ask if I needed an appointment and the new "call center" couldn't tell me. Eventually I got an email that said, no, I didn't. But now all the Gallitzes are vaccinated for 2015. This is your official reminder to get yours if you haven't yet.

I then went to AJ's school for their "Lights On After School" Program. This is a national event for after school programs, but although the kids and their performances were joyful, the one at our school was kind of somber. You see, this is the end of an era - when the kids come back to school in January, there will be a different non-profit organization running after school care at Avondale. We are very sad that the school district has chosen to close this department, but between finances and politics, the parents never stood a chance in this fight. While other schools in the district may not have good programs, ours does. However, the two organizations that are candidates to provide on-site childcare at the school are the YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Alabama, both of which are fantastic agencies with a long history of providing kids with positive experiences after school. We are awaiting more information from the district. After the program, we went to eat Mexican food with some of our friends, fellow after school care families. It just so happens that AJ ended up at a table with 5 other kids, all boys. They had a good time and now have some sort of inside joke about jalapenos.

On Friday, it was the "Positive Behavior Support" Kickoff Program. I chose not to attend, but the kids were encouraged to wear both crazy socks and crazy hats, and, if they paid $1, they could wear a "crazy" out-of-uniform shirt. AJ concocted her ensemble, using her tie-dyed shirt with assorted hair clips as trim on the sleeves and stickers on the front. She tied socks in her hair and wore her ice cream sundae hat. And of course her socks did not match. There was some sort of competition, but she lost, even though her friends told her (unsolicited) that she should have won. Thanks, Granny, for all the socks and hair stuff - it is fantastic to have around when these types of "fun" days sneak up on us.

The Nissan dealership called with the part, and they were slow that day, so I was able to drop off and pick up the car in the same afternoon - since they're not that far from my office they have a courtesy driver to drop me off and pick me up - it was pleasant and efficient. I should probably fill out one of those satisfaction surveys.

On Saturday, we had the usual laundry and errands, but Ben and AJ decided to stay home, so I went to the library, grocery store, etc. all by myself. Then, I went to get a massage. I'm trying to go every month for a year, as the one I had last month was brutal but ended up relieving so much pain that it seems to be a good investment.

Sunday was AJ's final baseball game of Fall Ball. It was a tournament, so if they won, there would be a second game. Unfortunately, we didn't win, but that gave AJ and Ben some much-needed rest time as I worked my last shift of the season in the concession stand. If nothing else, it gives me much respect for those working at fast food counters - I was probably hollering for "nachos with peppers!" in my sleep last night. Then, we went to my parents' house for my mom's birthday. Liz made lasagna and brought bread and salad, Rusty brought wine, and we brought the cheesecake. All Mom's kids and grandkids were there, so she seemed pretty happy.

So that was our week.


Annie Gallitz said...

Too bad about your car!!But at least it wasn't a major problem( Not engine). Some biker just came up behind me and told me that my left break light was out---which makes me sort of mad; I JUST replaced that one the day I left for Springfield. Funny girl--- between her socks and her sundae hat! ( I'm surprised that she still has that hat and that it still fits her. She was pretty little_ when it was sent)

Annie Gallitz said...

Got my flu shot at work, Now, the picture of your shot reveals proper placement, square middle of the deltoid. My SHOT---given by our infection control RN__ missed the deltoid COMPLETELY. In your picture, she located the injection so out of place, it would not have even shown up in that photo. I could hardly believe it !!She will NOT be giving me mine next year !!

Laura Gallitz said...

I'm glad my car is still under warranty, but disappointed that something I had nothing to do with would break so soon.

Get your brake light fixed! We don't need a ticket (or a wreck with an inattentive driver)! Frustrating that you just did that!

AJ keeps all the stuff that she likes that fits in the allotted space. She has an "accessories" drawer where we keep hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, earmuffs, and belts year-round. These things come in handy for dress-up at home and for special occasions.

Glad you got your flu shot - I am glad my UAB nurse was more accurate than yours!