Friday, October 9, 2015

How I Know I'm Old

I asked my Granddad for his bran muffin recipe.

I told my dog I didn't want to go further because I didn't want to fall and break a hip.

My neighbor saw me and asked if I had changed my hair color. "Not intentionally," I should have said.

I have dialed a rotary phone before.

I still fax things.

I look around UAB's campus and say, "Back in my day, none of this was here!" and I mean it.

I cannot fathom events that start at 8:00 PM or later.

I call undergraduates "the children."

I have no idea who celebrities on awards shows or magazine covers are, and I don't want to know.

The guys at my high school reunion didn't have much hair.

How do you know you're old?


Annie Gallitz said...

HILARIOUS!!! AND, I do not agree!!!! You are a transitioner; a foot in the best of two generations!!!! ( and PLEASE, do not squander your youth with that poisonous thought: YOU ARE NOT --I repeat NOT ----OLD!!!!!)

Jennifer Spears said...

I prefer to think of myself as not a child. That doesn't have to mean old.

Laura Gallitz said...

Perfect comments, both of you. I am just feeling pretty old being around a lot of youngsters these days. I'm not upset about where I am, just acknowledging it.

Liz said...

I am responsible for two human beings. And the highlight of my day yesterday was finishing the leftovers in 3 Tupperware containers in my fridge...

Laura Gallitz said...

I am so glad that I'm not the only one who gets excited about using up leftovers! I killed off 2 with lunches this week. Of course, I haven't technically cooked this week yet, so I haven't created more. I may be leftover free (besides the freezer) at the moment. Yay!

And the being responsible for other people thing - that's a big one in the making me feel old department, although I've had nearly 8 years to get used to it. Certain things that AJ is doing surely make me feel old, like asking me questions like, "What does 'rational' mean?" Good grief - if she is old enough to ask stuff like that (and understand responses) then I am OLD.