Thursday, October 1, 2015

Have You Seen Me Lately?

Anna June likes to sleep in on the weekends, which is good.

Earlier this year, I mentioned that I was working on a textbook. The proofs came back from the publisher, and it had to be carefully reviewed for more changes. So I spent a couple of different weekend days, notably over Labor Day weekend, logging about 12 more hours on this work.

Like I said in April, remind me not to do this again.

Except that I did. There was a lady who was a friend of my boss who needed some help with a resume. I have learned that I really, really like helping people find jobs, but don't want the pressure of working in Human Resources. As she didn't know anyone else to help her, I worked with her to correct her English (not her native language) and figure out how to submit her application via a certain government website. There went a couple more evenings.

Thank goodness my husband can be patient and loving. I am also glad they were paying me.

In search of an alternative, I reached out on Facebook and met a young woman in my writing group who is interested in these types of side projects, as she's a journalism student finishing up her coursework and working for local publications. I met her in person - she seems wonderful. I can now refer these jobs to her in the future.

In the meantime, I realized that I have about an hour to myself on Saturday mornings before everyone gets up. Am I exercising? Praying? Meditating? Doing my nails? Working on my blog? Cleaning house?

No, I am helping my little brother, because that's what sisters do.

Well, that's what sisters who have brothers who own restaurants that have websites which need blog posts do. I think.

We're collaborating on the Rusty's BBQ blog. We aim for weekly posts, but are going with the flow.

It's actually a really exciting time to be a Tucker, a fan of Rusty's, a fan of BBQ, and or a fan of food in general in this area. Birmingham was recently named one of the top up-and-coming food cities, and, as a big eater in this town, I can honestly say that I can see why. I love trying the new places, and I love visiting old favorites.

Our first post was about the documentary about Alabama Barbecue. I'm told you can find the whole movie here.

Our second post was about a book - AJ points out Rusty is on page 61 and 112.

Our third and most recent post was about the Alabama BBQ battle, which Rusty's won in its category.

So follow the blog over on the recently redesigned I will try not to talk too much about it here on the blog about Anna June, although she doesn't mind.


Annie Gallitz said...

okay !! I just got done , going thru all of your links re : Rusty and his BAr b

Okay !! I have just finished going thru all of the links re : Rusty and the the excellent publicity that has been his, recently. I am floored!! by all of his favorable recognition-----it is MOST Assuredly earned ,, let me tell you! I am not fooling, when I tell you that it is the BEST that I have EVER tasted!

( I am SOOOOOO hungry right now .... i can close my eyes and I am there , recalling the divine smell, the tender juicy flavorful pork, near to melting in my mouth....... did I mention how tender it is ??)Congratulations to Rusty!!!!!! This is remarkable , in that he is such a young man, relatively a newcomer to this field, and to take his place among the established giants in this field is a GREAT accomplishment! It is a testament to his hard work,and his business savvy, and his TALENT, and his perseverence in following his dream . He looked GREAT in the film, as did Beth, and your MOM too !! At the Sloss site, with Thomas along, it was too sweet! ( I cant believe how big that boy has gotten, and how BEAUTIFUL he is !!!) WELL DESeRVeD KUDOS TO THEM ALL ! THank you for posting all of the links , Laura,. THat was fun !!!


Laura Gallitz said...

Glad you like it! Go ahead and bookmark his page - we're trying to do blog posts on Sundays but like I said, it may be a little different.

I'm glad you got to see the movie. It was a lot of great exposure and is bringing in a lot of business.

I'm also glad you like the food. I know I am partial, but it is really good. We have lots of good food around here.