Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Family Reunion - Part II

Anna June was photographed a lot on our beach trip, but probably not as much as the babies. This is our blog, so here are some of the best pictures of our baby:

On Saturday night, after the photo session, we let the kids play ball in the street in front of the house. Don't worry - they were closely supervised in this gated community, which was almost deserted since it was the off-season.

AJ was a great helper with the little ones, especially Wesley. Here they are walking from the house we stayed in to Scott's house.

And, the moment you've all been waiting for, the official Gallitz family photo, 2015

But here's the unofficial one -

(AJ was making a face because her shoe was about to fall off, but it looks like it was because she had to take a picture with us.)

Again, many thanks to Patrick for bringing his excellent camera and uploading all of these for us to grab.


Liz said...

Love your sweet girl and how great (and patient) she is with our boys!

Laura Gallitz said...

Aw, thanks! We love your boys, too. AJ's a natural.

Annie Gallitz said...

I'm really glad that you all had a good trip to the coast!Who ever was taking the whole family;s photo, did a really good job: I think it is one of the few photos that I've seen where everyone is actually VISIBLE!! And where some one is not doing something weird, or looking grumpy,or something!And, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the second photo of AJ, where she is standing w/ the bat. Her face just looks so unguarded, and lovely!!! ONCE, when Shenandoah was about 10 ,or eleven, I saw him and immediately recognized that I was seeing a fore glimpse of him as a man. It was a very weird sensation,also thrilling== but I could tell that i was seeing the finished person; can you understand that at all ?? Cause, I got the very same feeling when I saw her in that photo== as if i was seeing her all grown, graceful and beautiful..........I MUST have a copy of that photo==is that possible???????Also, one of the three of you, at the porch railing??????? If I were to pass before AJ grows up, I would think that I have seen her as a young woman! I am so . so grateful to have seen that! SO PROUD of her !!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! The photographers did a great job. They took lots of shots, and the one I
posted was my favorite of all.

I do know what you mean about seeing a grown-up...some of that has to do with her grownup clothes, I think, but some of that is just the photo and her in that moment.

I will send you the is on my list.