Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Second Grade: The Update

Anna June's school year is flying by.

I don't know what I can tell you about school, except that she's doing remarkably well.

She has made all A's so far. Her progress report, 4.5 weeks in (halfway through the 9 week grading period) was not only all A's but almost all 100s. This is possibly because the teacher treats homework as extra credit. I have mixed feelings about that strategy, but needless to say, we insist that she does her homework, if for no other reason than to get in the habit. I suspect that most of the time, she actually likes it.

She usually finishes her work early in class and gets to read. I've talked to her teacher a few times and AJ seems to be very well-behaved - there aren't ever any problems to report. 

She has a lot of friends. She often tells me stories of being an unofficial playground mediator between her friends and other kids. When she's not practicing for her future legal career, she also seems to find a lot of change on the playground. Evidently, children do not understand money or gravity, and when they have change in their pockets and turn upside down on the monkey bars, etc., their money gets ground into the playground pebbles for her to find. We've started a special piggy bank for these coins and will eventually buy something for the school to give back.

A little boy in her class has started calling her names like "slowpoke." Either second graders deal in irony or else he just hasn't seen her run.

Anna June has decided not to take the CityDance program offered in After School Care. She claims she did not like dance class, although she does like to dance. We have agreed, although it seems to be a good (free!) opportunity.

She is playing fall baseball - there's another post on that coming, I promise.

She still likes to sing, play games, work puzzles, build things, make crafts, play with her dolls, and read. Current favorite TV shows seem to be Power Rangers and She-Ra, both available on Amazon Prime. Current favorite books still seem to be anything funny. Current favorite songs may include "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift and "Roar" by Katy Perry. I say "may" because it changes constantly.

I am posting this right now because I started thinking to myself about what on earth I was like at seven years old. I have no idea what I liked to do back then - maybe read and watch TV. I remember being seven, as in, I remember who my friends were, my teacher's name, and that I had a new baby brother, but I don't remember what TV shows I liked, what music I listened to, or what I thought about.

As to what AJ is thinking about, it is anyone's guess. She can come out of left field remembering something that happened weeks ago, or she can start a brand new topic of inquiry. She's not afraid to ask us questions, which is good, although we do not always have answers - thank goodness we can search the internet.

AJ says she is scared of spiders, but she drew this web:

Here's a picture AJ made in art class recently:

More later.


Annie Gallitz said...

Ah, our girl continues to shine in school, n'est ce pas ?(don't surprise me none! ) Another possibility for that ( naughty ) little boy to call her names is that, maybe he LIKES her! I really feel that AJ needs more of an academic challenge in school. I t worries me that she is not----altho , I amm sure that she looks forward to her reading time each day... I just don't think that you do kids any favors by not teaching then=m to WORK at school work. ( Sounds like your school could use an advanced study class.)

Laura Gallitz said...

We're working on it. As recently as today, we've emailed her teacher about it. Our school system does have the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program, but they do not assess for this until second grade - so we're waiting on that. In the meantime, we will continue do our best to give her educational experiences outside of school.