Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Anna June, as I mentioned yesterday, still likes puzzles.

On Saturday, while I went to get a massage, she and Ben worked a couple of puzzles. Here is one of them.

On Monday night, I let AJ do this one really quickly - all by herself - after her bath:

I don't think we need any new puzzles, as I am not sure we've worked all the ones we have. We're still working on our game closet, trying to review each game and see if it still meets our needs, donating the ones that don't. It's a long process, as family game night has been eclipsed by Brewers games, homework, errands, cooking, and generally anything else that is going on. The game closet needs a total makeover after we purge - maybe we can add another shelf. As it stands now, we nearly have an avalanche each time we reach for a game or puzzle.

I am so glad, though, that AJ has a knack for putting things together!


Annie Gallitz said...

Wish I was there. You may not know it, based on the condition of my home, but I am somewhat of an organizer extraordinaire! I was once , in the course of my employ for a couponier, left with the daunting task of organizing her entire cache of coded box tops, packages, wrappers ETC. , ETC . , ETC , while she went on a vacation to Florida. By the time she got back, I turned what had been a MOUNTAIN of fire hazard , into a n organized , acessible BUSINESS like work area. REclaimed desk top and table tops for actual work zones. ( Pretty proud of my work , here !!) When she went to see her area, after returning, she was AMAZED!! " YOu dignify my Entire operation ! " was her comment. I could do wonders with your game closet.( It is ALWAYS easier to do this for someone else , than to do ones own problem areas !) ( I should have made this my calling......)ANy way, your closet isn't that bad!! A PIECE OF CAKE !!!!! PLEASE, tho., go easy on your " purge " philosophy: kids often feel pressured to cooperate, w/ adults ( The need for approval, etc., you know ) and may agree to let things go , that they really are not done with, thus setting up a silent mourning cascade, the depth of which would surprise most adults ! ( TRUST me on this one )

Laura Gallitz said...

I agree, and I am trying to do only a little bit at a time. We play a game, and then decide if we love it or hate it (although I do have veto power - there are some things I want to keep). My problem was that we have so many games that I'm not sure that we've even played them all. I'm trying to be methodical about it. Rather than building shelves, I just want to get rid of things if possible.

And I completely agree that it's easier to deal with another person's stuff than your own. At work I'm efficient. At home I have piles in the floor. It sounds like your coupon lady's project was fantastic.