Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nail Art, Sort Of

On Thursday of last week, Anna June woke up with her eyes matted shut. It wasn't a terrible case, but one of her eyes was red enough for me to declare that it was most likely a (mild) case of pinkeye. Conjunctivitis and the Gallitzes have met before, but it was a few years ago.

We decided to keep AJ at home, as this stuff is contagious, and I didn't want to be the mom that sends the kid to school and gets the whole class sick.

So we stayed home.

Anna June watched a movie while I did some work on my laptop. We ate. Then, we did some other low-key things, like reading a book together and watching TV. Eventually, I called the pediatrician and got some eye drops called in, verifying that she could return to school the next day.

Besides the quick trip to Publix for the Rx, we stayed home all day, mostly in our pajamas. (I had been in a dress, heels and jewelry when I woke her up. Ask me how fast I got back in my nightgown once I decided she wasn't going to school.)

I suggested that we paint our nails, and AJ decided it would be a good time to use the Hot Designs nail kit (As Seen on TV)! We've tried this before, to mixed results.

Unfortunately, each kit does not contain the same colors, and the designs shown in their how-to booklet are impossible without having the correct kits.

We didn't look up this tutorial, but this is a link to how one woman implemented the watermelon design, which AJ really, really wanted to try.

I told her we didn't even have black nail polish for seeds, and offered to get her some when we were next out, but she decided that silver would work.

This was our finished product.

It's a terrible picture of a terrible job, but it wasn't too bad for a sick day.

I've been promising ever since to remove the nail "art" but haven't gotten around to it. I am sure it will flake off eventually. :)


Annie Gallitz said...

I don;t know why these kits are so much harder than they look on TV........ Yours was a valiant effort! ) sort of reminds me of that sad day when A J and I tried the Hair color kit ===Also ' as seen on TV ', and she cried , she was so upset with the results ).I guess that she is learning a valuable lesson about tv offers( as I am too ! ) namely: SAVE YOUR MONEY !!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

It's possible that it was just me. The kit we had and the design she wanted just weren't compatible, so I should have either said no, because it wasn't going to work or wait, and we would get the other kit. Instead I tried to be the fun mom and said yes. However, I am a terrible manicurist, so I am sure that most of it was my fault. I never can tell with these miracle products if it is the product, the user, or a combination of both. At any rate, next time she wants something special on her nails we'll just pay the money and go have it done professionally. That particular day, we were sort of homebound, and we made the best of it.