Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fortune Tellers or Cootie Catchers

Somehow, Anna June got introduced to these origami creations. They're called cootie catchers or fortune tellers. They have a color-number system and you open up a certain flap and learn your future.

Not that long ago, AJ got an origami kit from a kid's meal and then another one in an Easter basket or something. She got really frustrated really fast and both ended up in the trash. I thought she would like folding paper, as she likes making paper airplanes and other crafts. They seem very logical and much up her alley.

But she didn't.

This time, though, she wanted to play the game with them, so Ben helped find her a YouTube video and she has been making these things non-stop this week.

There are five on this counter in this picture. I made her collect them from the various rooms of the house. (Photo by Anna June, by the way.) She has given three away so far, so that's at least 8 that she's made.

It's been fun to watch the things she has put under the flaps. "You will have a baby sister." "Your lucky number is 19."

Ben encouraged her to make a Fast Food Fortune Teller. On nights when we just can't make a decision as a family, we can do the spelling out of the color (G-R-E-E-N) and the number (1-2) and choose a flap to pull. I'm pretty sure Ben has already figured out how to get "You will eat at Chick-fil-A" as the answer each time. AJ even got Radar to choose last time - he pointed his nose at the choice. That's pretty impartial - let Radar choose!


Annie Gallitz said...

Hey ! THese things were around even in MY DAY!!!! how funny ! I ALWAYS WANTED to learn to make these, but couldn't learn it !!!!/ And, AJ learned just by watching a tutorial on line ???? Amazing !! A very hard way to learn stuff. if you ask me !! We called them , " Chinese LAnterns " tho. How many possiblities do they have 8 , 12 or 16 ????

Liz said...

So fun! I used to love those back in the day :)