Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trip Taken

Anna June is getting to be a seasoned traveler. Although our last trip was to the beach in May, when we drove, we traveled to Wisconsin by air and she handled it like a pro.

We were up in Milwaukee for Ben's Grandma Kraker's memorial service. She passed away on July 29th at the age of 92. I should have a full post soon.

This is our perpetual packing list. I update it periodically so that when we have to go out of town, I don't have to think.

Except this time, I did not consult my list. I was just winging it.

Then I found this printed version from, um, May, still hanging out in our room.

Anyway, I forgot to bring hats for AJ and me, and we got sunburned. I didn't bring much jewelry. We skipped AJ's tablet (so she used mine). She has decided she's too old for a lovey (special blanket or stuffed animal).

Besides that, we were fine. Annie, Nonny and Susie were perfect hostesses, letting us eat all their food, use all their beauty products and create loads of laundry. We had a good time seeing everyone, despite the circumstances, and we will be jolted back to reality and routine momentarily.


Annie Gallitz said...
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SRG said...

I went back and fixed the month and date on Laura's behalf. Sorry about that.

Annie Gallitz said...

Laura----URGENT: Is It : "...... The family of Margaret ... IS deeply grateful, or, " the family ..ARE deeply grateful .. ??????? I don't even know if you are there.......

Laura Gallitz said...

Family is.
Family members are.

Annie Gallitz said...

Thank you, thank you, dear girl !!!!! ( every family should have an English Major !! )