Friday, August 28, 2015


Poor Anna June - no one has blogged about her in almost three weeks.

Forgive me, Internet, for I have sinned. It has been seventeen days since my last post.

It's probably not a record or anything.

I still have 17 posts in draft mode. I thought my laptop would cure my slacking, but it has not. Shockingly, I've been doing a lot of reading, thinking, and other things in the past couple of weeks, but not blogging.

Working, yes.
Freelancing, yes.
Mothering, occasionally.
Volunteering, all day every day.
Eating, definitely yes.
Cooking, definitely no.
Sleeping, mostly.
Blogging, no.

I have drafts about relatives who have died and who are newly born. Drafts of experiences and product reviews. Drafts of fun things we've done and seen.

And I have a bunch of running commentary in my head on things that, if I wait a day or two, usually blow over. I could have had some great posts about some very important topics of the day, but I talked myself out of them, because having my opinions online would do no good. The people who care already know them and if they don't, they can ask.

I'm giving myself the gift of forgiveness. It's not that it doesn't matter that I haven't been writing, because it does. But it doesn't matter THAT much.

Back to our kid, though. She's doing great. She got A's on her first tests of the year and is bringing home excellent marks in conduct as well.

As if you expected anything else.

Among all the other things we've been doing, we've been reading, snuggling, watching movies, cleaning, kissing, hugging, learning, talking, singing, doing homework, playing and more.

We evidently haven't been taking many pictures on my phone, though. All I have is this from our trip a few weeks back:
I promise she doesn't look that different.

I hope to post again before another seventeen days pass. But if not, I will forgive myself.


Annie Gallitz said...

Man! it looks like an empty stadium, in that photo. And, I LIKE that list of things that the Fam is up to, these days!( reading, snuggling, etc.......) It makes it easier to FORGIVE YOU ALSO!!!!!!!!!! ( I know that you've been doing this blog a lo-o-o-o-ng time now, and have certainly earned a rest, but, please, don't forget about us completely out here............ there are those of us who hang on your every word.) ( LOVE YOU, LAURA!!!!)

Laura Gallitz said...

Hanging on my every word - that's a huge responsibility!