Saturday, August 1, 2015

30 Things I Love Right Now

Anna June is getting to where she doesn't love to be blogged about. I still have more than 15 posts in draft mode, though, and many more stories to tell, so right now she is out of luck. But See Jane Write's Javacia Bowser put forth a challenge for all in the group to use a list of "30 Things I Love Right Now" as a blogging prompt. Challenge accepted.

This may give AJ somewhat of a break.

(Listed not necessarily in the order of how much I love them.)

1. That new school supply smell
2. AJ's personalized clear backpack from Granny
3. A re-discovered unopened box of stationery
4. Purple
5. Polka dots
6. Ice cream
7. Ben's new shirt from Jos. A. Bank
8. New outdoor light fixture on the back of our house
9. Being involved in AJ's school
10. Big family dinners
11. This picture of AJ and our nephews

12. Holding our nephews
13. Stitch Fix
14. The end of camp = the end of wet towels and bathing suits every day
15. Both of our electric cars
16. The baseball AT&T commercial
17. Our neighborhood
18. Finishing my last 3 games of Words With Friends (Goal #22 achieved)
19. Fitbit challenges
20. Hearing AJ read.
21. Josh Ritter's new single
22. Making plans
23. Making lists
24. Decaf tea
25. The "Ain't No Magic Here" video about Birmingham's renaissance
26. Taking showers
27. Libraries
28. Petting Radar
29. Ben
30. Anna June


Annie Gallitz said...

Hey! LOVE the new Josh Ritter song!!!Thanx for the link! It's a toetapper, as lightfoot would say! "stitch witch" --- I thought that was that seam/hem bonding tape( which is 'Stitch Witchery' , As it was called in my youth ) sounds like a really interesting concept!! What have you gotten so far??? -- also love new school supplies too--- not the smell, which does not stand out to me, but, just the newness and unspoiledness and the feel of notebooks and long pencils and big pink erasers. I'm glad the new backpack was ok! LOVE the pic of all the kids in your family----my gosh, those babies are growing !!As is yur family; it was just AJ for so long, it e=seemed, before the population explosion!!

Annie Gallitz said...

make that Stitch FIX!! I think I must have read it as Stitch Witch! ( sorry)

Annie Gallitz said...

Anna June is so tall, she barely fits in the picture!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I wanted to get the kids to all scoot up, but the baby was crying and I just wanted to get it done, so I didn't try. - I didn't want the parents to have to be in the photo (I didn't look my best and it's hard to convince them all) so this was my best option.