Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Summary: Part 4

Anna June got used to camp at the UAB Rec Center, although she is excited to be going back to school next week.

Week 9: Time Travel Week

This was a fun week, as each day brought the kids to a different decade. The children were supposed to dress appropriately for a costume contest each day, but there was such limited participation that they decided not to do it.

With trips to the thrift store and Dollar Tree, AJ and I planned her outfits for the week.

Monday: 1950s day

Over the weekend, when we went to the thrift store, there were so many other things we needed to do, and it was so hot, we pretty much just browsed and then grabbed stuff. We didn't try it on.

I really liked the shape of this skirt for the '50s, so we got it. I should have realized it was a size 8 in women's instead of a size 8 in kids (it was really small - easy to see how the employees would keep it with the kids. It was huge on AJ, so we ran and got her school belt. She pointed out that pictures she had seen in our research included belts, so she was fine. The sunglasses came from the dollar store. The shoes, socks, and scarf were hers already, and the shirt was from her school uniform stash. A high ponytail completed the look.

At camp, they had a little sock hop, where she was partnered with a boy (whose name she still doesn't know). They learned a box step and she had to tell the boy each step: front, side, back when she was going back, side, front.

The crafts were plates made to look as records and a coloring page of a cowboy.

Tuesday: 1960s day

For this look, we didn't have to have anything new. AJ has had the tie-dye since Pre-K. We also had the vest, beads, headband, and bell bottom jeans. We were sort of stumped when it came to shoes, though. We pretty much thought hippies went barefoot but that would be frowned upon at camp, so we came up with her black boots to give it a neutral appearance. Her long flowing hair added to the look.

At craft time, they made friendship bracelets. They also colored this decade-appropriate page.

Wednesday: 1970s day

The halter top was a thrift store find. The jeans and boots with turquoise detail were hers. (Thanks Granny!) I flat-ironed her hair, but it was so humid out, that did not last long.

For craft time, the kids painted pet rocks.

Thursday: 1980s day

The top was a thrift store deal that I also wish we had tried on before leaving. But the bracelets and the rest of her outfit were all things she had on hand. She also had some blue eye shadow, which I applied but it hard to see in the picture. The side ponytail seemed very '80s to me. This was AJ's favorite outfit of the bunch, and our least favorite. (My favorite was the 60's, because everything fit!)

At craft time, she colored a Mario Brothers coloring page.

Friday: The Future

Neither AJ nor I can predict how people will dress in the future. But we decided to take a look at it a little differently. Whether it is her immediate future (as in September) or her future far off, like in this commercial, she has baseball in her future! I wouldn't let her wear cleats to the gym, though.

Last day of camp for the summer! Hooray!


Annie Gallitz said...

FABULOUS OUTFITS!!! I loved each decade.!! I especially liked the '50's and the sixties. ( She managed to keep her '50's skirt on !) I thought that looked right on , and the sixties were perfect. I also thought the 80's 'dirty dancing ' type outfit was cool. LOVED ALL THE HAIRDO'S---YOU guys did a REALLY GOOD JOB!! This really does look to be fun!!! Forgot about pet rocks! AJ must have thought that was a little nuts, hey?

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! I don't think AJ had ever heard of pet rocks before. They found some in the landscaping around the gym and painted them and added stick-on eyes.

Annie Gallitz said...

ps: Hippies wore sandals, most of the time. Earth shoes ? And BOOTS were very good!THe future decade was very cool too----I never saw that commercial!

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, AJ's current sandal selection was not "earthy" enough, and I think the boots worked.

That commercial makes me cry every single time I see it. I do love it, though.

Annie Gallitz said...

p.s.s.: TOO funny , about needing to direct her little boy dance partner. DId you tell her that that will probably be the case , most of her Life ???!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

She said something like, "He could not get the concept that he was supposed to lead." I did not have the heart to tell her that many people don't understand this. I hope that she someday will have the pleasure of dancing with a gentleman who actually knows how to dance - it is one of the best things I have ever experienced. (This was long ago. I have a husband who does not dance.)