Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Summary: Part 2

Here's what Anna June has been up to this summer, continued.

Week 6: UAB Rec Camp -Wild N Wacky Water Week

The magic of camp had worn off for AJ by this point, which is understandable. How could one top a week of fun with one's mother like going to the dentist? Anyway, AJ had fun throwing water balloons with her camp friends and getting extra wet each and every day.

Week 7: UAB Rec Camp - Superhero Week

Although kids were encouraged to wear superhero-themed attire all week, AJ didn't really want to participate. Thursday night rolled around, and when I picked her up, the counselor reminded us of the costume contest the next day. So we started talking about what AJ could use for a costume: she has capes, tights, leotards, masks, etc. But she wanted a store-bought costume. I warned her store-bought probably wouldn't win any awards, but she argued that she could use whatever we got for Halloween. It did not take long to convince me. After dinner, we headed to Party City's costume room where she perused the super-hero section. Eventually, she decided to be Iron Man. The gracious employee got on a ladder and got down the costume, and she tried it on. Suddenly, she was Iron Man. Here she is on the costume day:

Pretty tough, huh?


Anonymous said...

; so sorry; I know not who this ;ironman may be. (does he sneak into Laundry rooms and do a magic number on clean, rumpled shirts. pour example'????? I am all for him in that case!!!! Send him over!! He appears rather ripped, nc'est pas?? I think that AJ was very smart to pick out a male superhero"; Alas! I fear all of the Iron maidens are dressed a bit racy,non?

Laura Gallitz said...

Ha! Yes, I need that kind of Iron Man at our house - Actually Ben does a great job at ironing. I don't know why she wanted a guy super hero, but I am fine with it. Definitely didn't have to censor due to age-inappropriateness.