Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Summary: Part 1

Anna June has had a jam-packed summer, full of activities. If you ask her, she will say she doesn't like it, but this is some of what she has been doing.

Week 1: Vacation Bible School.

This was our third year of Vacation Bible School at Avondale United Methodist Church. It's not our home church or the church we attend, but we visit sometimes. Lots of AJ's friends from school went to VBS here. It was only from 9-12, so big thanks to Nana for taking her and dropping her off. VBS was by far one of my most favorite summer childhood activities, and I am happy AJ is getting to share that experience. They had a hot dog lunch to celebrate the end of VBS that Friday, and I took some terrible pictures. Here's one.

Week 2: Wacky Nanny Art Camp

Anna June did this last year when we were scrambling to fill dates, and she loved it. She once again did some sewing, some painting, some collage, tie-dye, and more. She enjoyed pizza day where they brought their own toppings (she chose pepperoni) and there was a water day where they splashed around outside. The camp is held in the former Comer School, which may be effected by the announced elimination of community schools. Again, a huge thanks to Nana and Granddaddy for keeping AJ the rest of the day while we worked - the camp was only 9 to 1.

Week 3: UAB Rec Camp - Outdoor Adventures

Camp got off to a bit of a rough start. I decided at the last minute that AJ would take swimming lessons, and we eventually got that ball rolling. The second day of camp, we were sent home with this note.

The next day she got another injury and was bandaged by the lady in "the band-aid department." This almost kept her from swim lessons, but it was discovered she was OK to swim.

The Birmingham Zoo made an appearance and showed off animals from the area such as a de-scented skunk and a box turtle.

Week 4: UAB Rec Camp - Mini Blazer Week

Say what you might about VBS being "indoctrination" of children, this camp took it to a whole new level. These kids learned about the ins and outs of UAB Athletics. They got to meet our mascot Blaze and walked to Bartow Arena, home of our storied basketball team. I am very proud of my alma mater, the perennial underdog. It was recently announced that due to a community financial support, we will have our football team reinstated in 2017. Our children are our future, so when these children are asked, "Roll Tide or War Eagle?" I hope that they will all proudly say, "Go Blazers!"  Seriously, though, most, if not all, of these kids have parents who work here. I hope that they catch some school spirit, because children of employees can attend here at a discounted rate. Win, win, win.

Here's AJ's coloring version of Blaze, one of the dragon-themed crafts sent home. I may keep this one in my office.

Here's a newsletter they sent home (only that one week). Evidently the "other group" got to do some things AJ's group did not get to do.

Week 5: Camp Mom
I already recapped these days, since I was in charge, but the posts are:


Annie Gallitz said...

Is there a little blue alien in that VBS pic??????????????????? And, then , he's not in the next VBS pic?????? Wha-a-a-a-?????? At any rate, I think that you did a great job filling her summer w/ wonderful activities. That is a challenge, I 'm sure!!! It will be interesting to see how she looks back on her child=hood summers!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, one of the Avondale kids decided to dress up for his performance, not in the VBS t-shirt but in a blue suit. I have no idea what that was about - each kid is unique! They all moved around a lot, so I'm not surprised if they're missing from any particular pictures.

Annie Gallitz said...

What were her injuries?? And, can she 'REAL' swim now ?????

Laura Gallitz said...

Sorry - I was supposed to post a picture of the incident report we got sent home with her about. Maybe I will post it eventually.

The first one involved bleeding and they gave her a new camp shirt, throwing away another one. I honestly can't remember what happened.

The second one involved scraping her ankle against a metal chair, and it also bled, though there was no need for a wardrobe change.

Since the first week, there have not been any further injuries.

Laura Gallitz said...

And yes, she is getting really, really good at swimming.