Saturday, July 11, 2015

Staycation - Day 5

Friday -

This was basically our recovery day. We all kind of did things around the house that we wanted to do, like nap, laundry, and read.

In the morning, I had a PTA meeting at the bank, which took longer than it should have, but was productive.

AJ and Ben worked on the cruise ship model until it broke.

No sweet treats, to atone for the double dose on Thursday.

For our fun adventure of the day, I took AJ to "Off the Wall" which used to be the Crestwood location of "iJump 280." She is about to outgrow the climbing and jumping in the ball pit. We were disappointed to learn they were understaffed and the rock wall was closed. But there was the video arcade, and she had allowance. So she played a bunch of video games.

She's good at winning tickets. But Off the Wall is a small place and they can't always get to the maintenance as quickly as they'd like. For example, when I went to make change in the machine, it would not work at all, so we went to the snack bar, who sent us to the front desk. AJ played her money's worth, and then we went to redeem tickets. There were only 3 people working, running the snack bar/ticket redemption, front desk and party area. When the employee came to wait on us, I looked over and saw a bunch of people coming in the door and no one at the front desk. I told her we could wait while she took care of this birthday party coming in. (Parents have to sign waivers for their kids to jump, and someone has to take their money and forms.) AJ had more time to decide which tiny pieces of junk she'd fill her room with. While we were waiting, another family came over to the prize area, and the kids were picking out what they wanted. A little boy about three years old pointed to the plastic dinosaurs that were 35 tickets. His dad said they would wait and see if they had enough - the employee weighs the tickets on a scale instead of the more sophisticated Ticket Muncher machines at Chuck E. Cheese. AJ had been considering a Ring Pop, but instead requested a dinosaur. I thought this was just because she didn't want to mess up her sealants. But when she got the dinosaur, she handed it over to the little boy. My heart pretty much melted.

Meanwhile, there was a game called "Tower of Power" that she put a quarter in, but it got stuck. I had the bright idea of putting another quarter in, and it got stuck, too. The game next to that we played but missed the "error" sign about giving out tickets. So we reported these two problems. The employee that came over found that some kid had stuck a ticket in the coin slot of the Tower of Power, causing the jam, so we got our coins back. The other machine was more complicated, but she got it working, too. Maybe it was all of our patient interactions or just good karma, but the employee gave AJ a voucher for 300 tickets! She was very excited and came home with all manner of junk, including a glitter baton and balloons.

Dinner was ground turkey tacos. Who could ask for anything more?

I'd say that Camp Mom/Staycation 2015 was a big success. We got to do many of the things we never have time to do, and we were not rushed or stressed. I did not check work email, or get any calls or texts while I was gone. We had a great time - maybe we can do it again next summer.

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