Thursday, July 9, 2015

Staycation - Day 3

Wednesday -

We had pretty iffy weather all week, which was a problem at Camp Mom. We couldn't make definite plans.

We got up and baked homemade blueberry muffins from scratch. They were fantastic, and pretty large.

Then, we decided the weather was holding enough so we went to Crestwood Park for a quick game of tennis. I say quick because the heat was getting to us. Also, we are terrible. AJ is getting the hang of things, though, and I'd love to see her take lessons again if she'd like.

You know what else you miss when you're in an office building during weekdays? Our civil defense testing. Our tornado sirens are tested the first Wednesday of each month at 10:00 AM. Instead of being 6 floors up and indoors, this particular day we were standing right in front of Girls, Inc. at the former Holman Elementary School where they have a TORNADO SIREN. Let's just say this surprised the heck out of us. It was very loud.

Later, we went for lunch at Ben's office. They have a very nice cafeteria, so we ate and got to tour his space and meet his co-workers.

Then, we stopped by the credit union to make a deposit in AJ's savings account. She had gotten some birthday money, some Easter money, and some allowance lately, so she's doing pretty well financially. I also needed some $1 bills for snow cone money for camp. The NOLA Ice truck visits Rec Center camp twice per week. The week before, I had forgotten about it and had to walk all the way to get some cash and then all the way to the Rec Center, only to learn that AJ didn't KNOW I had brought the money to camp and she skipped the snow cone time. Maybe that is why I was so big on cold sweet treats at Camp Mom. Maybe not.

Then we visited Vulcan. Despite seeing the statue all the time, AJ had never been there. The clerk gave her a scavenger hunt to do, so we were more focused on that than the actual exhibits. Then, we did what AJ had been wanting to do - we walked up (and down) all 159 stairs to Vulcan's observation deck. Crazy.

#vulcaning at the foot of Vulcan

Vulcan's torch was lit up red on days when there had been traffic fatalities, but green the rest of the time. This is a part of my childhood. 
 AJ at the top

We left the observation deck when we heard thunder. You can see the clouds rolling in.

Our sweet treat of the day was the milkshake - Rally's had gotten their machine fixed.

Then we went to visit Granddaddy Jerome briefly. We took him some black bean enchiladas and some blueberry muffins, which were good enough to elicit a compliment by telephone the next day.

When AJ had been to the dentist the day before, she got 4 different prizes from the prize machine. One just for visiting, one for sitting through the sealant application, and 2 for enduring the filling like a champ. One of the prizes was a blond self-adhesive mustache. We looked at it and both agreed that it reminded us of Bernie Brewer.

So on Wednesday night, she dressed up like the Brewers' mascot. We tweeted the picture and it got several favorites and retweets - my phone was "blowing up."

Here are a couple more, for good measure:

Dinner was semi-homemade pizza, with dough from the Publix deli. Bed was welcome.

Stay tuned for more from Camp Mom.

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