Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Staycation - Day 2

Tuesday - 

I did a short Zumba Rush class on the Xbox Kinect. AJ played Once Upon a Monster.

After showering, it was time for the worst thing on our list for the week: A dentist checkup for AJ.

This was not a typical quick visit for us. We had already planned (but I had forgotten) to get sealants put on AJ's 4 new (permanent!) molars. These six-year molars had not fully grown in last time, so they weren't ready yet. The process wasn't fun, as AJ's mouth had to be held open for a while.

But then we got some bad news. There was a deformity in the tooth that...a cavity. In other words, it was nothing we did - not neglect or candy or snow cones - but a hole was present in the actual tooth.

So the cavity would have to be filled. Our dentist uses the white fillings - none of the silver ones, which was a relief to AJ. I said I was off all week, but luckily, it wasn't a slammed day and the dentist said he could do it then. We waited only a few moments before we were called back. AJ had done so well with the sealants, the dentist said she did not need the nitrous, which saved us time and a few dollars.

To AJ, the worst news was that the sealants mean she should avoid sticky candy - the hygienist specifically mentioned Laffy Taffy and Jolly Ranchers. Halloween is going to be terrible.

We watched the second half of the movie Anastasia, which we have seen before but AJ recently started watching again. Then, AJ was able to eat, so we had some bagels and continued to chill at the house for a while.

Later, we had lunch at Honeybaked Ham. Then we went to the movies to see Inside Out. Luckily, another mom had warned me that I would need tissues. I'd say I cried through the second half. I wish it had been funnier but it was very, very creative.

Our frozen treat of the day at came from 32 Degrees in Crestline. Tuesdays are double punch card days. See the things you miss when you are sitting in an office?

I had a plan to go spend AJ's gift card at Michael's, since she got one for her birthday and we hadn't been out there yet. We were going to be in Homewood that afternoon. Well, you can tell I'm not in to crafts, because I drove straight to Hobby Lobby! Obviously, they sell the same stuff but it's not the same. So we turned around and instead stopped at the Lakeshore Walking Trail and walked a couple of miles in the somewhat flat, somewhat shaded area near Samford University.

Then we picked up Ben at his office and went to the actual Michael's on Highway 280 and ate sushi for dinner at Maki Fresh. We got Ben's car and went home.

AJ started to work right away building her birdhouse rain gauge. The other items she selected were a wooden cruise ship model, a birdhouse kit, some pens, and some candy.

Stay tuned for more of Camp Mom!

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