Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Staycation - Day 1

Anna June has had organized activities all summer. When we were making the plans, we reserved this past week (June 29-July 3) for our family vacation since we would get July 3 off for the holiday.

And then our plans fell through. Many factors played into our decision, but we ultimately decided we would put off our trip and just enjoy ourselves right here in the Birmingham area.

Monday - 

Ben went to work and AJ had our first day of Camp Mom.

First, we walked Radar at the Trinity Hospital (Montclair) Walking Trail.

Then, we dropped him off and went to Crestwood Coffee for breakfast, finally using my gift certificate from December. Thanks, Mom! AJ had a blueberry muffin and orange juice, and I had a lemon poppy seed muffin and a "soysage" biscuit, plus hot tea.

We sat outside.

We went home and I got cleaned up, and then we went to Avondale Library to check out some more books, renew my library card, and get AJ some more rewards for her summer reading. She also participated in the weekly scavenger hunt in the children's department. We ran into some friends and visited for a bit.

Then we went to Wal-Mart to spend a gift card that AJ had gotten for her birthday. It was for $10. We carefully searched the store, at length. Eventually, she picked out something that was $9.99, according to the tag on the shelf. Evidently, the items were not in the right place. I knew she had wanted this Snuggie for a while, so I paid the extra. Now she can look like a dog while watching TV. It was a total ripoff, but now I can't take it back. To make matters worse, I saw it later in the week at another store for $6 or $8. Sigh.

We ate peanut butter and jelly for lunch at home.

We worked on AJ's Knot-A-Quilt kit, which she has pretty much lost interest in since Christmas. I plan to finish it, though, just for the satisfaction of finishing one dang thing.

We read books. We watched TV. We rested.

AJ even said to me, "You are really organized today." Aw, thanks! 

Then we needed a sweet treat, so we headed to Rally's to redeem her coupon for a free milkshake from the library. Unfortunately, after waiting in line behind a lady that AJ said reminded her of Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son, the shake machine was down, so we headed further to Southside to the new snow cone stand. Snoasis Tropical Sno stands where our credit union's stand-alone drive-through used to be, but now that they've built a drive-through onto the main building, they don't need it anymore. The shaved ice stand has a little "beach" area  which is fun to sit in. They play loud pop music and have a ton of different flavors and combinations. I had grape, and AJ had something called, "The Phantom."

 This chair was a bit too small for AJ.

 She liked walking around with no shoes.

 A little bit of the beach adjacent to UAB - I like it.

Then we went home and made Black Bean Enchiladas for our Meatless Monday dinner. Liz sent me this recipe - Thanks, Liz! It was ready when Ben got home - he was astounded. I think he sort of wanted me to become a Stay-at-home-Mom for a second.

It was a pretty good day.

Stay tuned for more posts from Camp Mom.

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