Monday, July 13, 2015

One Fun Thing: Water Balloon Fight

Anna June knows great ways to beat the summer heat.

One of them is tossing water balloons.

Even though adults may find filling balloons and then having to pick up their pieces from the ground tedious, AJ thinks it is fun.

On Sunday, July 5, we set out to drench each other at home for free instead of chancing the cloudy skies to go to the water park.

AJ meticulously filled up her balloon pump tank and went to work all by herself. I sat in a chair to blow some bubbles and watch. She filled several balloons before running out of water. When she went to refill it, the handle broke.

We tried to fill them up in the sink, the traditional way, but that did not work well. We found the tip adapter for the hose and went back outdoors to fill a couple of buckets of balloons.

Maybe because they'd been sitting in the shed so long they were more fragile (i.e., kind of dry-rotted). Maybe because she is seven she didn't have the dexterity needed. Maybe because they are made to break easily that so many of them broke - it wouldn't be a water balloon fight if no water came out. But the filling of the balloons took an exceptionally long time.

Eventually, we were at this point.

In a matter of minutes, we had thrown two buckets of balloons at each other, dumping the remaining water on a very soaked AJ.

I hope she grows up to remember her parents let her have fun sometimes.


Annie Gallitz said...

"Cease fire . CEASE FIRE!""

Laura Gallitz said...

She had so much fun. I think she wished we had filled more balloons - we have plenty more but that was all I was willing to do at once.

Annie Gallitz said...

I bon't know if AJ remembers the water balloon fight we had when I wa s down there....?two years ago ?..... is the source of the "cease fire!" command. We had also premade 2 buckets of balloons, went to the store for just a few minutes,, and , when we got back, we had a bucket of water! Every single one had broken ! AJ 's thought was that a bird had come and pecked them all ( SOOO Cute ). I thought maybe the sun, but I think that balloon fatigue was probably the culprit, like you surmised.It WAS SOOOOOOOO much fun!I envy you. I had actually bought 4 super soaker type shooters for when you were going to visit. I can save them, or send them.

Laura Gallitz said...

Please keep the water guns there. We have enough balloons, etc. to entertain us here.

I think the heat popped your balloons - they're not meant to last.

Annie Gallitz said...

Look at that face!! I don't think she could have had any more fun than this !!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

She had a good time.