Thursday, July 2, 2015

One Fun Thing: Swimming

Anna June has been taking swimming lessons again, and this time she's making tremendous progress.

Our fun thing for the weekend of June 20 was to go swimming. It just so happened that one of the faculty members I support, Dr. Singh, had invited us and a bunch of other people from work to his house in Mount Olive, Alabama. We went up there for a lovely pool party.

Except the drive up was not lovely at all. It poured the whole time. Ben drove through the driving rain, wondering aloud if anyone would show up in this kind of weather. But by the time we reached the exit, the car was mostly dry again.

AJ was very excited to get in the beautiful pool first thing. After we got our sunscreen properly applied and spoke to all the guests, then we joined her. It was so much fun to see her showing off her new skills.

After a while, we needed a break and got out. She decided to hop back in the pool without us. A bunch of adults were on the porch watching her, but none of us felt the need to be in the water with her. It was the strangest sensation. This little baby that we once had to hold in the water has suddenly become a competent fish. Obviously, we take water safety very seriously, but for now, she didn't need us to be right there with her. Just watching from the sidelines was fine.

She came in for us to reapply her sunscreen, but found it too painful - her cheeks were a little pink and didn't want me to rub anything in to her face. So we went inside and visited, and ate. She was ready to leave but I heard a wonderful, familiar sound on the porch.

"Is that an ice cream maker?" I asked. It was.

"We can't leave yet. Because homemade ice cream," I said.

There was a fantastic dinner of grilled chicken, fish, and brats, with a ton of side dishes. The star was definitely the homemade ice cream with blackberry cobbler made with wild blackberries grown in their backyard.

Don't ask me why I didn't take pictures. We were having too much fun, I guess.

It truly was a fun day.


Annie Gallitz said...

What a nice. nice day! ( how nice of the doctor and his family!) Is this perhaps motivating AJ toward a career which would support a big, lovely home w/ a pool ?

Annie Gallitz said...
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Laura Gallitz said...

I don't know if AJ wants to own a pool or not. I have always thought of them as a huge liability, but I am a fan of other people's pools (which makes me a moocher, I guess). AJ doesn't really have any career goals as of yet.